• It's always possible. Many women bleed all the way through their pregnancies. I say take another test (get a good-quality one, not a store brand) and if it comes back negative try again in three or four days. A false negative is more likely than a false positive, so if you're still thinking there's a chance after getting two or three negatives, pop down to your doctor or local health department free clinic for a pregnancy test.
  • Yes. Even if your test said negative, it could have been too early to tell on a urine test. I knew I was 4 weeks pregnant and the urine test still said negative. I had to have a blood test to confirm.
  • well im kinda in the same things here iv had two periods since i last had intercourse and they only lastd for about 2 days when they normally last about 6 and now im 5 days late i was thinking i cant be pregnant if iv had them two messed up periods but you can so im kinda in the same situation!!!! good luck and keep me updated darlin! x

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