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  • WOW! Four years is a long time not to have met his parents! Does he have something to hide?
  • 4 years??? I'd ask him about that. Are you even sure they're living, or if he's an orphan? Sounds like there's something missing here...
  • Push the issue to find out why there is discomfort.
  • Are his parents even alive? Do they even know about you if they are? How old are the two of you? Are his parents really religious? Did the two of you have different upbringings? I need more details.
  • 4 yrs???? RED FLAG WARNING! sounds like he's hiding something.....
  • ...that's odd. I met my bfs parents the first day we got down. I don't think most people are that quick with it, but 4 years is a long time. Definitely ask to meet them and find out what's up. There's got to either be some family issues/animosity or some hidden thing he doesn't want to bring out. But that's a very long time to wait. If he hasn't gotten ready by now, he may never, so you'll have to bring it up.
  • Something is seriously wrong there. Sounds like he is embarrassed of you. Four years is a long time
  • I have been with my boyfriend a year and still havent met his parents. We live ten minutes away from each other and always stay at mine. We only ever stay at his if his parents are away or out. My boyfrien makes excuses constantly but its driving me away form him. Its made me so paranoid and I'ma really confident person. 4 years is too long. Just turn up and introduce yourself. Otherwise it will never happen.
  • I'm in the same situation. I've been with my b/f for just over 2 years and I've never met his parents. They live a 5 minutes drive away from him and I have even stayed over at their house when they have been on holiday. I keep on asking him when am i going to meet them and he keeps on saying "soon". I started to think he was embarassed of me, embarassed of them or hiding something from me. He recently confessed to me that he hasn't even told them about me!! I wasn't angry though...jsut relieved to have a reason why I've not met them. He has since told his dad that he "is going out with a girl" and left it just as that and nothing more. Apparently, they haven't asked any more questions about me and I've still not gone around to see them because he hasnt been there to visit them recently. He told me his reasons for not allowing me to meet them is because he is nervous, never took a girl home before and his mum can be a pain...I'm still waiting and it's drving me insane! I'm thinking of emailing her about me as i dont have the nerve to knock on their door!
  • well assuming he doesnt live with them, if he doesnt speak to them there must be a reason (hopefully you know) I wouldnt introduce myself.
  • wow Im in the same boat as you all are. I have been with my guy for about 3 1/2 years and have yet to meet his family. I've seen photos of them but have yet to sit down and meet them. The closest I have gone was one night on his birthday we were driving around in my car and he kept pressing 'I want to go home' assuming his parents home for his b-day. We live together by the way so I was really upset that his parents or family never come to visit or know anything about me. Anyway back to the birthday night so I took him to his parents house I parked my car right up in the driveway and let him out to his parents. I was too chicken to get out of the car and go up inside his house even though its his birthday I know his family couldn't throw me out of the house I guess? but I didnt want to run in his parents house as an univited guest, but I still wonder about what if I did go inside? So it kills me not to have met his family not even his brother, my guy has a brother 4 years older so even meeting his brother could be a nice way to meet up his parents or that they find out about me. If I was you I would just introduce myself to them like what I did but driving your boyfriend in your car maybe get him a tad drunk not too much and take him to his parents. You dont have to get him drunk by the way I was being silly in that remark, but just dress up nice and get in your car with him, have fun that day and slowly say 'hey lets go christmas night looking at houses decorations?' and drive to his neighborhood and just happened to go to his parents house! just do it and be confident and he if goes bullistic mad or says 'no' then just say 'you know what? its over' and drop him at the parents home! let them handle your guy and wipe his tears away! okay sorry for the long answer! Happy holidays everybody:)
  • I'm going through this as well. It's been over 2 years and my boyfriend hasn't told his parents that we're dating. At first, I respected him and let it drop since he told me he'd tell them after our university graduation. Which then switched to after he got into medical school. Which then switched to before the week he left for medical school. Which of course, switched to after I got into medical school. During those two years, if he wasn't in residence, he would live with his parents. Everytime he was with me, he made up some excuse to tell his parents where he had been. I gave him an ultimatum. Tell them or lose me. I gave him a week, considering he doesn't live in the same city right now. Except he complains he needs more time. I've confronted him, asked him if he was ashamed of me. To which he always replies that he's not and that he wants us to have a life together. So, at the end of this week (2-3 days to go), I will either be known to his parents or newly single, to which I have no problems with. I suggest you give him an ultimatum. You gotta stand up for yourself. Don't let him walk all over you.

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