• No it doesn't cost money, no it's not government funded. It does help some but also can be of hindrance to others.
  • AA is free. They pass a basket and accept donations, but no one is asked specifically to give anything. As for governtment funding: no. AA accepts no outside contributions from anybody or any organization. It is completely funded by the members themselves. Who can become a member? Anyone with a desire to stop drinking. It's a very accepting group. There are no restrictions other than that. Political and religious views, income, race, sexual orientation, state of health, opinions on anything don't matter.
  • If you don't have money you don't have money just keep coming. You have to pay your bills first. You can always give more later when you have it. How much money did you spend on drinking a day. I always managed to find money for that. One dollar in 1950 was worth 13 cents but some people still give a dollar. I

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