• Only my wife. And no, you can't see!
  • Myself! And once a friend when she didn't have a camera with an automatic timer thingy.
  • No, though I have painted and drawn them.
  • Actually....yes.....but let me explain..... When my friend was pregnant, her husband was stationed in Afghanistan and she wanted to document her growing belly, so every 3 weeks we would take a picture of her nude...well, hands covering the good bits...and send it to him so he would feel like he was part of the pregnancy.
  • i seen vennesa annie hudghens naked (with boobs showing)
  • I thought I was one of the best photographers of the figurenude. II was wrong! I have frontal lobe brain damage that makes me more self-centered than the normal artist. They are only my best presentation of God's greatest masterpiece. I could photograph the painting of Mona Lisa. It is one human's masterpiece. I do not particularly like it. Figurenude: [fig-yer - nood ]-n- An object of two dimensional art with a nude human figure making up about one quarter of the surface area and is not intentionally erotic or involve the face more than half lit.. (usually photographs, but sometimes paintings, drawings or sketches) Men can be done well figurenude. You see several in Sylvie Blum's presentation. Men who take care of their bodies enough for me be able to present them to look good are too rare. All you see by me were done while in a wheelchair.
  • No, but I've been photographed nude as a present for my bf.
  • Yes, a girlfriend, with her permission (it was her idea). She also took some of me & there were some of us together.
  • Yes. A friend of mine wanted nude photos of herself shooting her bow and arrows. She was a high ranked bow hunter in Colorado.
  • Yes. I used to live with a nymphomaniac.
  • Only myself. I've been teh subject of teh photograph.
  • Yes. Photographed my wife naked, and took pictures of her sucking cock.
  • Yes, but that's not what's interesting. I produce 3d models for fun. But, I don't have a means to do full body scans. I'm also an avid DnD player. I'll just say that some nude minis you can find to print on Etsy might have their front and backs modeled from my wife. We've had some faun times.

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