• I'm sure it depends on the man, but I've never had much trouble aiming through the toilet seat when I'm in a hurry, and I'm not too proud to sit down when I don't trust my aim.
  • Men can sit down to pee. Its no big deal. Anyway, if you should suddenly have to poop, you're ready.
  • It's easy. The proper "closed" position is both lid and seat down. Then both sexes can either "open" it by lifting the lid only or both lid and seat. When you are done, you 'close' it by putting both down. It's no different than closing the refrigerator door closed when you are done getting something or putting the lid back on the toothpaste so it doesn't stay open. Open the jar of mayo, get your mayo out, close the jar when you're done. Open....close.....
  • to make it easier i sit down to pee and it makes my wife happy that the seat is always down
  • My wife and I have a situation that's topsy-turvy compared the typical one. I think she actually used to prefer going with the seat up when I had my old toilet, perhaps because the seat was missing a support pad on one side. On the other hand, I accidentally sat down with the seat up and scared the hell out of myself. :P I guess our approach is whoever uses the toilet gets to leave the seat however they want to.
  • How is it to simply NOT walk backwards into the bathroom, and to actually LOOK before you sit down? And even if she DOES spend her whole time in the bathroom walking backwards....what -- can she NOT see around her own @$$?!?!
  • I'm outnumbered in my house so it's squatter beware around here!
  • Men use the sink/shower. No lid. Women can continue on the bowl. :-)
  • I found that if I made an effort to put both lids down EVERY time, it soon became a habit and I no longer had to think about it.
  • We compromise. I don't care so long as a) the rim is not gross enough to preclude touching and b) he puts it down the last time he uses it at night. I usually stumble into the bathroom groggy with my eyes closed in the morning. Otherwise, yes, I can just look.
  • The only way this can be solved is when your wife leaves it up and you sit down. ;)
  • There is a solution. Buy one of the self closing seats. You just touch the top and both lids close without a bang.
  • Any couple that has a problem with something as small as that really should just get divorced. I mean, if a couple can't solve something as simple as that...and, if THAT is a problem in a relationship then that means there can't be much love left. People who love each other don't think about such minutia.
  • A sensor that will close the lid when anyone is finished with the toilet.
  • Get a Japanese one, they're awesome!

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