• well if she becomes pregnant from the mating the main concerns would be the size of the pups, if they get quite large in the womb it could cause problems when giving birth making her more likely to need a c-section
  • Your walker is 100 lbs! Wow...I never saw one that big. Anyway, the small dog could end up with pups way too big for her, and the delivery could very well kill her. You'd have to make sure that you have regular vet appts to keep an eye on her and schedule a c-section. Or, you could have the puppies aborted.
  • Maybe you should consider one or both of them being spayed/neutered so this won't happen again in the future...
  • You have a major problem here, and I think the safest is for you to get her to vet immediately, he can if you act quick give her a shot to end pregnancy. I lost a bitch like this via an accidental mating from a larger dog, be careful hon, it could kill her, she will almost certainly need a caesar which should be done no later than the 63rd day. Good Luck

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