• Alright - the way you've described the pain, it sounds like it is probably anatomical in origin - since it only occurs when you do something and is not constant. If we think about what's between two ribs, there's a lot that can get irritated. There's three or four layers of muscles between each rib. (When you get around to the back, there's also muscles attaching to the spine as well!) There's also an artery, vein, and nerve between each pair of ribs. With all this stuff in such a small space, it's easy to get a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle. Either of those conditions would act like what you described. Now, here's where I give a point of caution - without knowing anything else or conducting an exam, there's a few dozen other factors we can't rule out. Keep in mind, the rib cage surrounds some very delicate structures! There's also a lot of disease and illness that can present with the same symptoms as you have. Only a health care provider can tell you for sure, so if these conditions persist, worsen, or you develop any new symptoms, seeking medical advice is the best course of action. Hope this helps! --SP
  • Sounds like you might have a cracked rib. Have you taken a hit/fall lately?
  • maybe you should go to the er, it could be chest pains

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