• a three year old which made me sick to hear such words coming from a baby's mouth.
  • Our neighbor's daughter using the f word at seven yrs old.
  • my 4 yr old son sometimes says i will put my foot in your ass. i know not to laugh at him for saying it. i try everything i can think of to get him to stop but he still says it from time to time. i have told him if he is good he can have a cake party when he is good and gets 10 stickers
  • About five years old, she was in the store and told her fathers she wanted an F-ing piece of candy. It was shocking and sad to see. What was worse was the dad who only told her F no.
  • When I was in high school, I decided it would be a good idea to teach my sister how to swear. I think she was in kindergarten or 1st grade. In my obnoxious teenage mind, I figured she'd need to know this stuff so she would get a head start on being "cool". I promptly stopped the swearing lessons, though, when she was digging in her backpack, looking for something she couldn't find and said "sh**" right there in front of our mom. LOL swearing lessons... Could anyone BUT a teenager come up with an idea like that?
  • when my friend's little brother was 3, when anybody got him vex he was always quick to say f@*k you big head.
  • about 2 years old. It was my cousin's son, and he said a very bad word.
  • My friends nephew started swearing when he was two or three years old. They never told him to stop or anything. They just laughed. I just couldn't believe they let him do that.
  • G'day Mawgan, Thanks for your question. I've heard my five-year-old nephew swearing with no action taken. It's disturbing but what can you do if you're not the child's parent. Regards
  • a fucking three year old
  • Two. She knew how and when to use "shit" correctly. But then again, if you knew her parents, there should be no suprise.
  • have you seen the video of Will Farrell with a 2 yr old baby girl named pearl... its called "the landlord" the baby swears a lot but it was supposed to be funny. that's the youngest swearer i've seen. i've posted the video.

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