• I think it's because men and women just think so differently about things. Also, I've heard men say that they often equate women being emotional or upset with being dramatic, and from my experience, MEN HATE DRAMA. LOL
  • I don't hate it, but its damn funny to me though.
  • That is a very good question! :o)
  • because we immidiatley feel guilty, it is a knee jerk reaction, probably to do with our conditionoing, i.e. to protect the 'nurturer/mother/ female, so if the woman is upset , we feel that we are to blame whatever the circumstances.
  • because 9 times out of 10 we have no clue as to why ...and the funny thing is neither do they!!
  • I think that's a very stereotypical thing to say for both men and women. I think a lot of men (or good men!) don't hate women getting upset or emotional, I just dont think they know how to deal with it. Lots of men are not very good at understanding how people are feeling just by looking at body language or changes in mood as women seem to be able to. Don't get me wrong, Im not excusing men at all, but I dont think it's justified to say that 'all men hate it when women are emotional'. Not at all.
  • They want us to be strong like "them"
  • because men don't know how to DEAL with emotions..they just ignore them in themselves
  • Because they are not quite sure which of their reactions would be the appropriate reaction.
  • because they don't know how to deal with them when that happens
  • They don't understand it, therefore they don't know how to handle/deal with it.
  • If a man can't 'take it' when another person reacts emotionally, I would suggest that they have control issues.
  • Its not that they are upset or imotional its the reason why they are, I'd say atleast atleast 85% of the time there is no reason to be emotional or upset.
  • Does this question suggest that women LIKE it when men are upset or emotional?
    • Bootsiebaby
      I don't like it per se when men are upset or emotional, but I do like to know they are capable of expressing it when they are upset or emotional without behaving like violent barbarians.
  • Even though she is upset, there is a part of her emotional state that wants you to be understanding enough to walk her through those emotions. Whether it includes listening, support, or respect personal space and time. Most women process differently than men, so solution to a problem is not as important as respect for the fact she is hurt.
  • Because when a woman is upset or emotional, experience will prove that the guy inevitably will say or do the wrong thing and very expensive flowers will have to be ordered.
  • Men don't want to have to put up with their depression.
  • Because it's annoying.
    • Bootsiebaby
      So is being thick-skinned and insensitive to our feelings.
  • We don't necessarily. It depends on circumstances. When my gf is worried about the kids or someone in her family, the only reason I get upset is that I want to protect her from being upset. That's a good thing, not bad. Now if she gets upset, for example, because one of the kids spilled juice on the couch - which she never actually has, but I suggest it as an example - then the reaction can seem disproportionate to the crime. For all that, it is contextual. In one case, I hate seeing my gf is upset and I want to protect her. In another case, it is simply a matter of asking her to keep a sense of proportion. For that reason, you really cannot make a sweeping generalization about men hating it when women are emotional. Circumstance is everything.
  • Because most men don't understand our feelings. That is why I am so choosy when it comes to dating men. No way would I ever consider dating an insensitive clot who hates it when I get emotional. I only date sensitive men who are equally capable of being emotional.
  • They don't understand that we use emotions to work through things and so they think it is something they have to handle or deal with or make go away. They want to "fix" it and "make things better" for us.
  • Wow, what a generalization.

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