• I don't think so...I think they just refered to themselves by the tribe's names.
  • The names most tribes used translates simply to "The People" in their own language.
    • OC Joe
      This is true but they did not believe white people where "real people" and would not call them "people".
  • Chugwadl
  • I think they thought of themselves as tribes more than a race. They enslaved captors from warring tribes
  • We called ourselves by the name of our tribe or Nation. We called our neighbors either friend or enemy. Often the neighbors were named for the direction they lived in relation to us, or by what their principle food and trade source was. Some enemies were given derogatory names like "worms" or "piss ants". We didn't really have a concept of other races until the foreigners started to arrive.. 1/22
  • The concept of "race" (as you are using the term) was invented by Europeans around 1500 C.E. So: no, they did not, just as the Europeans did not have a name for their race before around 1500 C.E., nor did any other group. The very concept (as you are using the term) was a consequence of the (very early) Age of Exploration.

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