• I would wait another week! But there could be a chance...!
  • The chance is there. But, more importantly, and this is something you are obviously not aware of! Men have something called "pre-cum" basically it is sperm that drips out the head of the penis BEFORE an orgasm and it is very possible to get pregnant from it.
  • The old telephone method of contraception is notoriously unreliable, isn't it.
  • I'd go take a pregnancy test. ANY time you have sex protected or not, there's ALWAYS a chance of pregnancy involved..
  • there is a chance, that's why, you shouldn't be using that technique anymore.. because there are millions of sperms on the tip of his penis, and even though he pulled it before ejacualation, there is a possibility of getting pregnant..
  • Sounds like congratulations are in order!

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