• I would if i were you! I think he might be telling you he's not interested! There are plenty of better guys and if I were you, I wouldn't want to be treated like that so you should move on!
  • Well, from experience, guys sometimes disguise teasing as a way to get your attention. It makes the compliments seem even more special though if he eventually does give you one. He could be trying to point out how good he is, hence impress you. Or he could just be an arrogant jerk that should drown in a puddle of cyanide. :D
  • He doesn't sound like much fun to be with - take no notice of the comments and move on.
  • Yes,run.
  • He trying to tease you like Derek DuCote said. But from the description, he seems he's no good at it. Tell him you're just learning, if he keeps it up, move on. You might be new to tennis, he's new to teasing/flirting.
  • hmm... sometimes, the best way to get someone of balance in thier game is to berate them. maybe he's just doing it to psyce you, in other words. maybe, killing two birds with one stone, you could get the bloke to show you HIS technique, and actually show you how to play the game and get a feel for it, that way, if he makes nasty comments, it'll be about his own techique, and you'll get better.... unless the guys crappy lol
  • If you don't feel happy, don't keep playing with him.
  • Are you actually debating that question?...Do you want to be with somebody who makes you feel like your not doing a good job, even when you're trying! My answer for you is defintely YES, it's a move on situation. Please don't ever settle for somebody who doesn't treat you well. There are all sorts of abuse, and verbal is one of them. And if he's like this now, then i can only imagine what he'll be like when you're actually with him. A friend's mom once said this quote to me, "WHEN SOMEONE IS SHOWING TO YOU WHO THEY REALLY ARE...BELIEVE THEM!" The quote basically means, when someone is acting like an asshole all the time, then understand that that is what they are...
  • Run. Don't walk, run away from this guy. If he's making nasty remarks now, imagine what he'll do if he thinks you are looking at some other guy. If he's that insecure that he'd have to put others down in order to shore up his own ego, he's 50 miles of bad road.
  • If he is that nasty to you when he is just getting to know you and is supposed to be on his best behavior, imagine how he'll be when he is comfortable with you? People who prey upon the weakness of others are usually insecure themselves, but that is no reason for your take his abuse. There are loads of nice guys out in the world. Go find one and leave this guy wondering why you haven't called again.
  • Yeah, don't get caught up in his racquet.
  • I would move on. His comments are an indication that he has problems with treating others with respect and consideration. I would probably try to forget about him.
  • Move on. Try to find someone with more kindness and understanding.
  • Yeah, the guy's a loser.
  • Sure you could. On the other hand... get a tennis trainer. Get it on with him. Get HIM to embarass the shit out of the first guy :)
  • I don't know, he may have been flirting with you.
  • I would have walked out half way through the game. Either he was for real in which case he isn't worth my time, or he is playing some kind of game and I am not into game players.
  • NEXT!!!! find a guy you can play and have fun with, someone who'll make you laugh till your sides hurt but then wants to get close to you and help you correct your stroke :)
  • I would but he may have been teasing you. Some guys seem to put gals in a "little sister role" when they're uncomfortable and goof on them.
  • Did he know that you like him in that way? Or did he think that you really wanted a tennis lesson and he took you seriously? If it wasn't clear to him that this was sort of a 'date', then I wouldn't be too judgmental about how he treated you.
  • Sounds like an arrogant jerk who's full of........himself. I would move on. It seems apparent that he lacks even basic manners.
  • Yup drop him like a sweaty jockstrap.
  • In Tennis...Love means Nothing!
  • DuH! Would you like to be insulted for the rest of your life about everything?
  • You should do your part and avoid this person. The world will be better if his sort are not able to breed.
  • You know the answer my friend. I would have left after the first major nasty comment. Why did you stay and put up with his abuse? Happy Monday! :)

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