• If the induvidual was raped, or they knew that the child would die shortly after or during birth then yes, abortion is okay. If there was a risk that the mother would die, yes. If the parents couldn't bring up a child due to finacial difficulties, then yes again. Teenage pregnancies are a maybe and other reasons are a no.
  • Its the choice of the woman...not any of us. If she was raped and the baby was a product of that, and she just has no mental capacity (post-tramatic stress from the rape) then it shouldn't be our position to judge her for aborting the baby. Only in early term pregnancies should this be allowed...late term, almost full term abortions should only ever be considered if the mothers life is at risk. Women out there still die from labor related complications, even in this modern world.
  • I think its ok depending on what the persons circumstances are,but i dont agree with some people that keep getting them
  • In my mind I dont believe it is right but it is everyones own choice.. I totally disagree with abortion but I have had one, and if any of my friends had one I would stand by them but I would also tell them about mine.. But I do not agree with abortion in any situation. But that is just my choice :~)
  • the only 2 reasons that i believe to be a possible legitimate reason for abortion 1 - if the baby is going to have a "poor quality of life" (define that in whatever way you will) 2 - if the mother would loose her lie giving birth to the baby. i am sorry for this, but i dont believe rape to be a legitimate reason for abortion, simply due to the fact that the baby should not be punished for the actions of the b*****d who commited the act. i dont believe either in "unwanted pregnancy" - the baby could go to a loving home where it is wanted.

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