• During my plane's descent into Las Vegas once, we went down in a thunderstorm. Now, I love thunderstorms so I was ecstatic, but I'm not going to lie, that turbulence could have convinced anyone we were all going to die. D:
  • my first fight yes
  • I have flown about 500 flights in my life, but one really stands out. Like Pianolover above, it was during a thunderstorm. In my case it was at takeoff. We were probably less than 2000 feet up when it became obvious the pilot was fighting to gain altitude. We would go up a 1000 feet and fall back down 50 and then do it again. The plane was shaking like mad. The pilot kept revving the engines harder and softer. Everyone on the plane was totally silent and staring forward. The guy sitting next to me asked me if this was normal. I don't think he liked it when I said "no". Worst flight of my life.
  • on a 747 taking off from Dulles Field bound for the UK, one of the four engines exploded. We were still on the ground and stopped rather suddenly!
  • never been on a plane - but would probably hang on to my seat yelling "HEEEELLLLLPPPP WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE" as it takes off - or if we hit turbulence
  • Yes. Flight out of Nashville. It was terribly terribly rough but what sealed my certainty that the plane going down was the fact that my husband and I were both on the plane...and our kids were with relatives. My biggest fear of leaving our children without at least one of us...turned anxiety into a fatalistic certainty.
  • Absolutely! Just about every flight I've ever been on.
  • A few times. First time the wheels wouldn't come down so we had to do a belly landing (Army C130). Another was flying into DC on a 767 and the pilot came over the PA and announced that they think a wheel fell off on take off and we would be circling the tower for a few minutes so they could look. Then the usual severe turbulance in thunderstorms.
  • Twice I have "incidents" Once was a takeoff from Honolulu and there was a loud bang and whooshing sound so we circled and dumped fuel and did an emergency landing where the runway was foamed, etc. What happened was the landing gear doors tore off and smacked the undercarriage of the plane and fortunately the landing gear still worked. Another time landing in Reno, Nevada the pilot had to make 3 attempts to land in heavy winds with downdrafts and it was ultimately the hardest landing I have ever experienced. Once we landed, the pilot came back to the passenger area and apologized and said that this was the most difficult landing he had ever experienced in 30 years of flying.
  • I've never been on a plane in my life & at 19 i'm scared of my life my boyfriend wants to go on holiday to bulgaria. What he didn't mention until last night is it's 3 and a half hours from Ireland & i'm panicking like hell, because of all the plane crash's & all lol! lol! I hope what your talking about dosen't happen to me ! lol
  • yeah....we were flying to utah and it was in the middle of a really bad wind storm. we would go all over the place!! off to the side, down, up, it was freaky...i thought for sure the plane was going to give up and crash!!
  • At least once on every flight Ive been on...Pills or not:)
  • Yes, coming back from So.CA after the Holidays and got up to Oakland and it was pouring down rain and we had to make one pass and come around again and the flight crew quickly disappeared, one of them came over the speaker and said for everyone to stay calm and make sure their seatbelts were tightened and we came down and it seemed like forever we were skidding and then over the speaker one of the flight crew sounding a little shaky said "let's give our captain a big round of applause for making such a great landing." We all looked at each other and were thinking "we had a close one."
  • When we were landing in Japan, the runway was so short that I thought it was going to cartwheel from the speed as we turned into the airport and rolled up to the gates. But the pilot knew what he was doing - thank goodness!
  • No but one time I wished it would so that I wouldn't to smell the stinky ass person sitting next to anymore.
  • Yes, the worst part about it was that I was drunk and had a bad feeling before boarding..when they started announcing problems with the landing gear all I wanted to do was run down the isle screaming "I KNEW IT" thank God I held it together
  • Yes I have.
  • A few months ago, on a trip to Pittsburgh, we were almost done with our descent when all of a sudden the engines began to roar and the plane pulled up very sharply. The pilot came on the intercom a few minutes later and said there was something on the runway that shouldn't have been. I think he meant another plane...
  • There were a few times when I wondered. One was in a very old prop plane flying over the Alaskan tundra and a very low speed. It didn't help when the preacher/pilot told me we would crash if my long leg moved too far to the left and hit one of the controls. I think he may have been joking - but he never let on.

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