• Sure, why not?!
  • If I wasn't already married, that's the kind of guy I would be looking for!! Only 'helping' is not how I would phrase it; I would say 'sharing the responsibility of running the household.'
  • Absolutely! My husband helps me out all the time, and I do the same for him. Both of us have certain strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cleaning, so we use that to our advantage. For instance, he is good at straightening things up and making things look neat, while I am good at things like dishes and taking out the trash. He is good at overall cleaning, and I am aood at detail cleaning. We help eachother out.
  • Wow! That's nice! :o)
  • Absolutely! I used to live with an idiot who thought that only women should cook or clean. He wanted a medal every time he washed a freaking dish! My wonderful husband knows that both of us should take care of our home and help each other out.
  • Yes. My husband is one of those men. In fact, he cooks for me five days a week, or more. I wouldn't say he 'enjoys' cleaning, but he does it! :)
  • One that helps around the house would certainly be nice.
  • We not only like them, we worship them as gods.
  • I like someone who loves their home enough to equally care for it, doing whatever they can to make it into a home. If they have the time and can learn or assist, yes, it shows that they value the home and it's upkeep.
  • Yes, I appreciate any help I get. Lived with a guy for awhile who NEVER helped out but was aces at making messes. He didn't even shower or change clothes till I pointed out how dirty he was! Thank God and Rodelia he's gone.
  • I look at a persons personality, their sense of humour, if they like those things fine, if they don't thats ok as well.
  • Ummm YES!!!!! ..wait a sec....Those kind of men actually exist?
  • Absofreakinpositutely! Women don't want to do all the work all the time any more than men do. When you share the work, it gets done twice as fast, and then you have free time!
  • Sure i do not know to many of us who wouldn't unless he is wearing my clothes and heels
  • But of course we do...or at least I know I would love to have someone like that.
  • I do. My husband doesn't clean much, but he helps a lot with our children ( I like that the most) and he cooks some of the time.
  • That sounds like a man who is dedicated to his family. What's not to like about that?
  • Yes I love it . except when they become perfectionist.
  • I love it when a man can cook, but the cleaning..not so much, I am a clean freak and would just have to re clean love a guy that can iron though, I can't do that :)
  • Yes ...yes and yes :-) !
  • I have a husband who helps but he sure doesn't enjoy indoor work. Give him a tool box and he's in his glory...especially if it includes having to go to Lowes or Home Depot...want to see him smile...give him a gift certificate to either of those places.
  • i think that is always a good idea, i man should know how to cook and clean in my opinion. its better that he can multi-task. anything to help out around the house.
  • yes i do, ive been with someone who did nothing,and if i asked would smash things up.
  • of course! men should do an equitable share of housework especially if the woman has a full time / part-time job. why should she have to do all the work. it would be nice if the man would have a meal ready when she got home or to cook together / clean together.
  • Who wouldn't like a man who helped out around the house. It shows commitment to me and our future.
  • I am a man, After my marriage, I would love to do all household chores. Wishout any nagging or asking from her, I would do house-cleaning, cooking, mopping, vaccuming, dusting, kitchen and bathroom upkeep, doing dishes, laundry, ironing, yard work etc. I would like to keep my wife always happy and she should enjoy her womanhood to the fullest...

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