• They don't HAVE to know how to swim unless they plan on living in the ocean or something.
  • Rowing, shooting, rock climbing, public speaking, self defence, driving, survival skills. That's right, my kids are gna outdo rambo. Rowing's in there just cause it's amazing.
  • I think all kids should have a job waiting tables before they go away to college, or while they are in college.
  • Courtesy.
  • I believe children should receive religious instruction. Even if it's only up until they tell you that they don't want to attend any longer, it will do them good.
  • CPR Swimming Hunting Gardening Survival skills Cooking I think everyone should need at least these basics, to be able to survive on your own if necessary.
  • Ability to speak in public, CPR, cooking/cleaning and advanced computer skills.
  • Oh, how my mother would approve of this question! She was a firm believer that there are certain things everyone should know how to do: swim, drive a car, cook a simple meal, type, hold an intelligent conversation, be abreast of current events, sew on a button or other minor sewing skills, and CPR. She was insistent that I learn these things and I thank her yet again for making me learn how to do them.
  • Budgeting and sound financial planning.
  • Dodge ball
  • Driving, cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, spirituality, first aid, sewing, finances, budgeting.
  • Where did you get the idea that dance is only a hobby? It can be, as can many of the other skills listed here, but I personally know of many people who make their living as dancers, and I can assure you the dance industry is a very lucrative profession. Talented dancers make more money than talented computer programmers, and are more sought after.
  • Okay. This will sound a bit funny but here are some things you should let your child experiment with so they know more about life. First off, take them camping. This will show them a great time in mother nature and get them away from the boob tube! Secondly, when they're camping teach them about building fires, fire safety, and a little cooking lesson wouldn't hurt as well. Something as simple as making tea on a fire is huge to a child. Third, when they're old enough take them camping and as a 'right of passage' symbol, give them a pocket knife. Show them how to use it properly, how to sharpen it, and how to store it correctly. Now I'm not suggesting letting them roam around all the time with a camping knife or anything like that, but a small swiss army multi tool knife is a great thing to have anytime. Of course certain places are inappropriate for it like school but if you've explained knife safety to them and acceptable use of the tool, it shouldn't be a problem. This is a fun one. If you have an appliance, a DVD player, a VCR, or any other item that you're going to throw out that's a machine, let the child take it apart. This will give them the opportunity to explore into something they never have before and generate questions about what's inside. Cooking is definitely a life skill you should teach your child. Baking isn't so much but hey, anyone is impressed when you bake something for them and it's yummy. Start off with the basics like macaroni and cheese, pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough so they can make their own cookies, pancakes (boxed or from scratch both are quite easy) and if you really want to get them interested in easy cooking try setting up a fondue pot and ask them to cut up chocolate and fruit or cheese and bread and let them set it up (with the cheese add a little cream/milk to make it silky). Instead of just letting the cheese + milk/cream or chocolate/cream, try putting those things into a sturdy glass bowl and placing the bowl on top of a simmering pot of water. This will teach them they don't need to buy the expensive double boilers and it's quite easy to do. Once the cheese or chocolate is melted, transfer into the fondue pot. Teach them the value of a dollar. Also show them at the end of 2 or 3 months what they've made and how much they've saved. Teach them to save money. Give praise if they have done so as it's a skill all of us would love to do but rarely get a chance to do it. I can't think of any other ideas at the moment. But there's a few ideas. I hope that helps some. Richard Shines

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