• I almost always leave a comment. I don't think I have ever downrated you lol. =)
  • Yeah I rarely receive an explanation. Oh well!
  • I've never received a comment explaining a downrate, and really don't expect any. *shrugs* It's just a fact of life here.
  • I do not believe I have ever received a comment.
  • I have only received a couple of comments that I can only assume relate to the downrate, but never come clean and admit it. I have only downrated a couple answers over the time I've been here and have stated that I downrated, how many points, and why. I've downrated a couple questions as well, but there isn't a way to comment other than answering the question, saying I downrated the question and that's just too much effort and only keeps the question on the front board that much longer.
  • Just once, and It made me realize I deserved it.
  • I'd say almost never. Judging by the Q&A I usually DRs on, I'd say it was almost always "drive by" trolls.
  • I nearly always leave a comment. But I have only once ever received a comment telling me why I was downrated, and that was a LONG time ago!
  • How often do I RECEIVE a comment? Not very. I generally comment when I neg something, however.
  • Neither have I! COWARDS! LOL
  • I never ever have ! It's ALWAYS been the "Hit And Run" downraters every single time !
  • i have never once seen a down rated question with someone explaining why they did so. Usually the down rated questions dont have a single comment on them.
  • Several times. Even more, I get comments telling me that the person wants to downrate me but is sure someone else will do it for them.
  • I received a comment yesterday but they are rare. This morning I got a -4 just because apparent;y someone doesn't agree with my distaste of some kinds of comedians but they never explained why. Most people just drive by and minus you on the fly which doesn't do any good and means nothing. It doesn't start an interesting conversation of differing opinions and help people understand each other, it just gets people upset because it is so senseless on opinion questions.
  • It's certainly not the norm, but I had a comment along with a DR earlier today. If the person who left the comment had been right in what he said my answer would have deserved a downrate. As it turned out there were situations where each of us could be right, so we both learned something.
  • I never down rate people. I only leave comments. However, if I were to leave a down rate, I would absolutely comment. I am more interested in starting a discussion than deducting points.
  • Ha! I just recieved a neg 3 for my opinion of the weather! It actually made me laugh out loud at work! Of course I will wait and see if they leave a comment but I'm not sure what they would say... "i DR-ed you cuz your opinion of the weather totally SUCKS!" LOL
  • I can not recall one single comment that I have recieved with any (and I have a ton of them) D/R's I have ever got and that pisses me off soooo much, but I on the other had ALWAYS leave a comment if and when I D/R anyone ..ask any troll they will tell you I give them a verbal smack in the mouth ...:)
  • I have only been downrated twice. The first time was cos I slammed Georgie W and someone from Texas or the army prolly saw it. No comment that time. But the second time was a bit of a mystery. It was a riddle about colors and I answered pink cos I didn't know what else to say. Got downrated. Could have used an explaination but oh well I guess :)

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