• non americans
  • neighbor? friend?
  • Why bother learning this? If you wait a week or two the correct answer will change anyway.
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian, ect.
  • NONE. some people find the politically correct versions offensive sometimes. I just give up and say whatever. There's no point in trying anymore.
  • Black, Hispanic, Asian, Puertoricans, Cubans, Dominican, French, Italian, Indian
  • Native American, African American, Hispanic or Latino, Asian, Muslin Americans, Caucasians, Pacific Islander Americans.
  • well, while it may not be very clear, the old labelling system used by British forces and police force is useful: IC1-White Male IC2-Asian Male (I think) IC3-Black/African American Male and it goes on. Now however, it's got far more difficult. Now, there are a ridiculous amount of codes used, and for the main terrorist threa against Britain, there is no actual code, they are listed as 'any other middle eastern' Some of the codes refer to their country of birth! 'Middle eastern, pakistani' or whatever i also like Caucasian, Irish heritage' WTF!? How are ther police going to know?! are they going to go up to the criminal and say 'hi, err, excuse me, but I need to radio in that you committed a crime... are you irish born, or scottish?' Ri-Goddamn-diculous
  • Just call a spade a spade. If anyone argues, hit them over the head with it. If someone has a problem with those words, then they are the racist one, not you. Since when did any of those words imply something bad?
  • African Americans Hispanic Americans Asian Americans Native Americans Indian Americans You catch the drift? But it will change tomarrow.

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