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  • You can, but you'll be really really unpopular.
  • Your period does not necessarily stop when you are in the water.
  • Sure... you can physically go swimming when you have your period, without a tampon. You can do anything you want... However the story about your period stopping while you're in the water is a myth. Your period continues until it's done regardless of your activities. You can skydive, tightrope walk, bungee jump and swim... and it keeps right on going. Just use a tampon, it's not that bad.
  • I was 10 years old when I got my period and had a swim meet that night. I used a tampon. Plus, back in those days the tampons were not as comfortable to insert. Don't be afraid. I would like to add that I never use anything else, it is so much cleaner!
  • The flow will slow down in the pool. But what happens when you get out of the shower when you are on your period? You start bleeding with a heavier flow. Using a tampon is best.
  • hi im 13 nd ive had my period for about 2 years and i have never used a tampon.I have always used pads to go swimming i just use 2 or 3 pads it usally works. You just have to check every hour or two to see if it has become a heavy flow and stay out of the water for a while.
  • well i dont know can you us a tampon when your younger or what cause i am going camping and my period might come but i never know cause i unregular ... should i use a tampon if it starts ??
  • i dont wear tampons i used it and its uncomfortable, i like the pads better. i want to go swimming too but on my period i dont know what to do can i go without a tampon?
  • No! Dont do that! Ur face will be redder than the pool! lol
  • UGH. i've had myu period for awhile now, and i'ma compettitive swimmer, i go to all the practices, and now i just don't want to like possibly leak out on deck, i've tried using like a couple pads, and that doesn't work, should i go for a tampon, it would be my first time, AND its a morning practice what do i do?
  • I REALLY want to go swimming, but i have my period rite now..and i tried using a tampon and it leaks!I dont know what else to do!HELP!
  • No you dont bleed in the pool my first time using a tamp. was weird. Cuz i always thought that i would leak, but of course, i didnt i was tubing, so i was jumping all over the place then got thrown into the water, then i went to an amusment park! Still NO leak babe you'll be fine my only problem was i didnt get it up high enough so it was a lil uncomfortable. If your having trouble just go to your mom sweet heart. she'll no exacly what to do because she prolly went throught the same thing!! Good luck!!
  • you should get a moon cup because this defo wont leak when your swimming.
  • Of course you can. In chemistry, you learn that the pressure outside if it is higher will force everything in the lower atmosphere to stay in there. Your period wont stop, but it will all stay inside you. Just keep a towel next to where you will get out so that when you get out the blood wont come flowing everywhere, and you should be all set!!!
  • right there are 3 ways to do this :: 1. you can but keep a towel at the side of the pool so nobody sees the blood once you come out of the pool. 2. just don't go swimming +3. try a tampon - just try, after one use you wont have to use it ever again if you aren't satisfied. i hope i helped
  • Hmmm, this was answered a long time ago but here goes Your blood stops "flowing" while you are in the pool. At first I didn't know this but and I had decided to scratch my plans to go swimming but I was told that your blood stops flowing while in the water. And I mean "in". And trust me, it worked. I have no idea why. But make sure you have pads or tampons nearby because it starts again after you leave.
  • use a tampon reg. not super or super plus.they also have tampons that are sport and i think that those may be better for swimming.oh 1 more thing to all the girls who have never used a tampon before go talk to your mam and if you know your mom is against tampons i'm sure you can talk to a friend, a friends mom, a cousin or an aunt, but talk to someone first.
  • yes you can. i went swimming on my period once on my heavy day and i just wore pads with no wings but layred up on them and changed them often.

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