• First of all, because no one likes the feeling of being "replaced" whether WE left or they left. Second, if you're not completely happy on your life, then you are bothered that YOU left HIM, but he seems to be moving on faster then you. At least they are the reasons I was unhappy when the idiot I divorced moved on! But that unhappy feeling only lasts a little while. You will get over it, I promise!!
  • You will have to accept it now, and move on with your life. While its certainly understandable, its just not healthy for you in the long run. Find you a new man , and get on with your life darlin.
  • You left him and I assume it as for a good reason. Now he seems to be having good things happen to him. Hmm, perhaps you still hate him enough to wish that he was miserable and poor. Perhaps you are idealising the good things that are happening and you don't want him to go through life unscathed by whatever wrongs he did to you. Rest assured that the older you get, the more those 2 a.m. feedings bother you and interrupt your sleep; he will be expected to change diapers and be spat up on and take time off work when the baby is ill or the day care provider is unavailable. Keep focused on why you left him and laugh up your sleeve about how new parenthood is not all roses.
  • ok so you are married and have two children and yet you are still upset....hummm, i'm stumped. Do you miss him? Do you hate him and wish that he wasn't happy? Really i can't think of a reason for you to be upset.
  • why did you leave him sounds like you still are harboring feelings for him thats why its bugging you.
  • Because one or both of you broke your marriage vows and divorced. Breaking of the marriage vows includes anything that does not comply with the vows and does not have to include anything sexual. For the man he is required to supply shelter, food, clothing, and sexual relations. For the woman if she is not a help meet to her husband. (Exodus 21:10) You are upset because of the vows broken. It would have been better if you and your ex had added the new wife to your existing marriage. Polygamy was never made illegal in the Bible but has always had the blessings of the Lord God and shown by many instances in the scriptures. It is most likely too late to do anything now but maybe in the future you can. We are required to love one another and to live under the Law of Love.

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