• I don't really care.
  • If a stranger sees me walking down the street, all I ask of that stranger is to stay a stranger. I ain't in the market for friends, and don't plan to have any any time soon.
  • I care but I am who I am. I don't have fancy clothes but I do have good manners.
  • does this look like a face that gives a damn?
  • i could care less what other people think.
  • i care up to a point. I don't want to appear to be dirty..but I live mostly very casually...
  • When I was younger, I really did. But, now I don't give a flying f*ck. I only like to wear comfortable clothes
  • Couldnt care less,if they think negative things about how i'm dressed etc,then they are very shallow people
  • I dress very casually in leggings & sweatshirts. It might be out of style but it's comfortable & if people don't like it oh well
  • I care to a degree. I like my clothes and manners to be clean and presentable, mainly because I don't want people whispering about me. But I also think it takes a lot for strangers to whisper about someone, so I don't worry too much.
  • I care, I try to look my best. It has the opposite effect though, because a lot of people assume I'm a bitch and dont talk to me because they think I'm shallow, which I'm definately not.
  • I am concerned with what I think about how I look the most. I personally try to show show respect with where I'm going by the way I dress. Most places, I just try to have clean clothes on like to the market, movies, etc. Court, church, etc., I try to look a bit better.
  • I am not out to 'impress' anyone. I am always myself. When I go out in public, regardless of what I am wearing, I do try to appear neat, at least. What I will usually always wear, though, is a smile. I will usually always be polite to any and all that I encounter and I will be friendly and outgoing. I make idle chit chat with clerks, waitresses, cashiers, etc. Everyone is deserving of my attention and I will look them all in the eye and treat them like a valid and interesting human being. If they choose not to reciprocate, that is their choice. I usually find that most of them DO respond, and that is nice. Just a few words with the people that pass through my day to day life makes for an interesting and worthwhile day. I enjoy interacting with people and I try to at least not 'bum them out' when they interact with me. :)
  • I don't care one bit. The clothes don't make the person. Way back in college I had a wonderful women's studies professor. She was from 46, born in Jamaica, had dread locks down to her ankles, a nose ring, and had a PhD and drove a brand new Mercedes. She's had over 25 books published and was the most intelligent women I'd ever met. She told us a great story about how she used to "test" people. She had 2 grammar school age children, and would go to parent teacher conferences wearing dirty, holey sweatpants. She never told them about her degree or her job. She would sit and listen to them talk to her like she was a dumb and poor. After they finished their "baby talk speach" she would tell them who she was and what she did, and watch their whole attitude change. Then they started treating her like an adult and were very respectful.
  • I could care less...or at least that's the vibe I hope I'm giving off. Why should I care about people who won't even take the time to get to know me?
  • I care less and less every year I age. Currently I care a little. I want to be taken seriously at work. I want to be able to attract like minded people outside of work. If I didn't care at all I would wear a potato sack with dreadlocks and repel other humans
  • You will always know when you dressed right and killin it 👌... so you shouldn't mind anything after all no stranger will keep the image of your face in they head till day everyone forgot even what time they saw you
  • If you could care less then you do care some. Couldn't care less means you don't care at all. I care if I'm somewhere that others' opinions matter to me, like a professional environment, especially if promotion or tips matter. Or somewhere that I care, like a funeral or church. But its not the strangers I care about its my reverence for God or respect for the dead or the feelings of their family. I choose dress differently when I go to medical appointments due to accessibility and modesty under the dress or undress as the case may be. As for strangers, in the past, I have worn and done things just to see their reaction, and at times didn't do it intentionally, but did enjoy their reactions. Once I bought 4 cases of something my son liked to eat that they were often out of so I'd have it on hand and I was amused at how many strangers took notice. Some even pointed and whispered. But I enjoyed it more than they did.
  • I can to extent that I make certain my clothes aren't inside out, no spots on them and my clothes look half way decent on me. Plus I'm clean, hair brushed and teeth brushed too. Sunscreen and mask.
  • Complete strangers I will never interact with or see again? No. Strangers who will become aquaintances, collegues or friends? Yes. I will dress appropriately for a social encounter or a job interview etc. but this is driven by how I think it is appropriate to dress in that situation, not necessarily what others think. If you are offended by my dress sense we probably won't get on. I hope my manner is appropriate, polite and respectful when I meet someone, whether I am wearing a suit and tie or naked.

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