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  • Can you tell use what it says? >:)
  • Why? What's in it for us? And are you just asking us to convince you to tear it up, or do you really mean you want us to talk you out of committing suicide? 'Cos it really doesn't matter either way, whether you tear the note up or not...
  • why would you do such a thing?
  • Rip it up. Right this minute. I'm your evil twin sister, doodle. Do as I say. Seriously, are you okay? NOTHING on earth is worth that. Nothing. You're very much alive and you need to stay that way. Please. It better be in little pieces that are so small you can't get them out of the carpet.
  • I think you should go and read your own profile. What happened to that outgoing, exciting, determined person? I'm sure they're still there somewhere...
  • yo-yo ma
  • Do you mean that you are planning on dying when it comes to AB or you plan on ending your life for real? I don't know you too well but unless you are in mind- shattering pain and are dying from a terminal disease, I hope that you will choose to live.
  • Well you said it is your dream to become an actor,that will be much harder to achieve while dead.
  • If you tell us what it says thats then we can understand. My Friend Shoot himself in the head I wish I could of talk't to him about it.
  • I don't want my smile to turn into a frown, so please, rip that letter right now.
  • Sorry im missing somthing why would you write a suicide letter, be strong if your feeling that way then get help there are many options out there to help people like your self i say be a man and tear it up right now and get your swelf help before its too late, your obviously need help in some way shape or form so talk to someone and get to the doctor for help, dont be silly and do silly things
  • I tried giving you enough reasons in your other question. I think if you want to kill yourself so bad you would have done it by now. So you obviously ain't gonna. So just rip it up and lets start talking about what's really bothering you.
  • Doodle. Please just burn that damn thing and be done with it please. If I got to beg you to save your own life, I'll gladly do it right now. I care so much for you and like I said before, I give a damn about you.
  • Please, please, just tear it up. I beg you.
  • Hey you need to relize that if something is going wroung in your life then you do not need to kill yourslef over it! You need to get help with someone or atleast JUST RIP THAT LETTER UP!!!!! My dad had his best friend shoot himself in a building and my dad was very upset. His car broke down one day and he had to sleep in the building his best friend died in. He had nightmares the whole time he was trying to get sleep. My best friend was like 8 and he got a gun for christmas when he was 7. His dad was drunk one night and my friend was sitting watching tv. His dad picked up the gun right in front of him and shoot himself......My friend is still upset. He actaully has grey hairs in his head for worrying so much. SO PLZ DON'T DO IT!!! IF YOU DO OTHERS WILL BE REALLY UPSET!!!
  • No-one here can do a thing to stop you killing yourself. We're wraiths, ephemeral, transient. We aren't anywhere near touching your life. This is typing on a screen. The only person who can convince you to rip the letter up AND not kill yourself is you. May your god go with you whatever you decide. I prefer life, but this is your free choice.
  • Most people who are serious about ending their lives do not announce it. Certainly many ABers would be happy to step forward and offer you a shoulder to cry on, so I can see the why. 1-800-SUICIDE 1-800-273-TALK 1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255 I reccomend you seek help rather than take your own life. Nobody here can make this decision for you.
  • Okay, I know that you are depressed. I have told as much in answers to your latest questions. You need to seek out help. Depression is a recognized medical condition..It is treatable. Call somebody, a doctor, an emergency room, a crisis line...anybody..but do it NOW..You are already considering suicide--you have nothing to lose by asking for more help. I can not stop you from doing this..I can tell you that I attempted suicide once when I was much younger(because I couldn't face being gay). But what suicide does for you is to eliminate any possible tomorrows...I would never have had all the happiness in my life that I have had since I tried. You have to get help with this..Even if it is only drugs (and they will work)..Everybody needs a crutch sometimes..just reach out and ask for it... THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE ARE NEVER TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY..THEY ARE SOMEBODY CRYING OUT FOR HELP.
  • You really shouldn't be at answerbag if the problem is really that serious. Is this for real? Or is this a way to get sympathy? No offense intended, but I'm suspicious of people who proclaim their wish to kill themselves online these days. Ripping or not ripping up a suicide note won't change anything, you've got to do that from the inside.
  • Rip it up, please, my friend. Suicide is not the answer. You have a life ahead of you. Please, don't take your own life away, doodlethenoodle. God has given you life, don't waste it! Don't kill yourself! Have you tried talking to your parents/gaurdians about any of this? It is good to talk to friends about it and things, but you should speak with your parents or those who have custody over you about your probelms too. Whatever you do, please do not kill yourself or hurt yourself anymore. If you want to talk to me about this or something my e-mail adress is My website adress is if you want to get in touch with me there too. Please do not do it, my friend. Whatever has brought you to this point, it is not forever. You can make it through this. God is there for you, I am here for you, and all of your other AB friends are no doubt here for you. Please change your mind about this! Thank you and may God bless you. :) -In Jesus Christ's Name.
  • Listen, things are get through it. I'm going to get personal on you for a minute here, to let you know how strong you truly are. When I was 7 years old, I was sexually molested by my uncle. It went on for a year before I was able to tell someone. Every day for years I felt like dying. I seriously wanted to die. The pain and humiliation I felt was so severe that by the time I was a teenager, I had developed a drinking habit. A serious one. I moved out from my parents house at the age of sixteen because my stepfather was an abusive bastard, and still I drank. I wanted to drink myself to death for years. Eventually, I realized that I am stronger than that. I survived this, because I realized death isn't the answer. As down as I get, nothing can faze me anymore. You have that strength within you. Just remember that nothing is worth dying over. It really isn't. I know this situation isn't similar to yours, but I think if you know that there are people out there who can overcome things like I've been through, you can literally get through anything. You just need to find your strength. My email is in my profile. If you need to talk, please, consider me as an alternative to suicide.
  • Your question indicates you *want* to tear it up. If that's what you want to do, do it. As others have mentioned, this is depression and it sounds quite serious. See someone about it, and the sooner the better. I can honestly say that what you've been planning isn't the answer to anything. I've been there, done that (and at the time I beat myself over the head about the failure of it - "Couldn't even get that right, could you?"). Things have changed out of all recognition for me in the last two years, and I'm no longer in the place I was. There's no reason the same can't happen for you as well. As with all slow processes it may seem like nothing is happening, but give any treatment (chemical or otherwise) time to work. Most importantly, see someone about these feelings you have as soon as you can. They're not normal and they're not healthy, but they can be changed for the better. Good luck with it.
  • you think your miserable now , you know what they say about suicide your soul will never be free please think about it. HEY SMILE AND RIP THAT SHIT UP! DONT LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN GRIT YOUR TEETH AND SNOWBALL INTO THIS WORLD LIFE IS WORTH LIVING,.....................................
  • I wrote a suicide note once myself. There's probably not anyone that the thought hasn't crossed their mind at sometime and if they say it hasn't they're probably lying. We can do all the nurturing and supporting we can but you have to take a step. Do you use any kind of alcohol or chemical? Do you see a doctor? Have you allowed anyone to love you? You know you want to live more than anyone. But you want to be happy. I'd have to know a little more about you before I can make any more specific recommendations.
  • Life is ALWAYS worth living...sometimes its just harder to find the reason. Remember that you are a special person worthy to continue living and fighting the fight everyday. WE all go through life's ups and downs and ask ourselves is it really worth going me IT IS. Please feel free to email me is posted in my profile. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}
  • I bet you already have ripped it up---Thursday 12:03 eastern time--BROCKPORT, NEW YORK...
  • Its your choice man, but consider these facts first: everyone who knew you in the slightest will be emotionally scarred for life, possibly bringing a few of them to consider suicide. If you were serious about it you would have most likely hinted to 1-2 of the closest people to you max for comfort. you must have been feeling like this for some time, if so, have you attempted to fix what has been making you feel so bad? because if not then this IS the cowards way out and if you dont attempt to fix what is wrong before hand, then you will die a coward. and last of all, whats the point? its one life, then nothing more. Think of your most boring thing, a crap movie, a reaaaally bad book, now imagine a small room with 3000000000 of the most boring things you could ever think of, now think of having to endure that for eternity, crap isnt it? thats the after effects of suicide for ya mate. need to talk to someone? hotlines. need to talk to someone who isnt gonna give ya the same crap they do to everyone? me, or someone you know better from AB. rip it up, take down all nooses, remove all sharp objects, projectiles, keep away from fast moving cars, big heights, and any non-cliche ways of killing yourself and fix your life =)
  • You are too creative and a blend of specialness. I read your profile, we need you.
  • Kay, whatever you do, dont kill yourself. You may not think so, but there is lots of people who love you, and you probably love them back, and you dont want anything to happen to them right? So dont kill yourself, cause if you do, they could end up doing it too. The could end up inflicting pain on themselves, on purpose. I just think its soo selfish. And also, its not like your problems will never go away, all you have to do is give it some time, and there you go. Its done.
  • You really should get some counseling.
  • This is your own words: "My dream is to become an actor. Acting is my passion and has been for several years, even though i am only a teenager. So far i've done mostly live acting, mainly Shakespeare plays. Funilly enough i always play guys. i was Caliban in the Tempest, Romeo in Romeo And Juliette, Oberon in A Midsummer Nights Dream, then Ariel when i did the Tempest again. i've done other plays, but the Shakespearian ones are my favorite. I have many obstacles in the path of pursuing my dream, but i am determined that i will not let anything stop me." Follow you dream!
  • Every life is special. Even if you think yours is not I can tell you it is, because the loss of one life is a loss for all of us, and yours particularly so because you are one-of-a kind and talented (I like your "favorite sayings"), with a lot to give to the world. Believe me, you have not realized your full potential yet.
  • Yes... I can. Every life is so special. I cannot tell you how much people will grieve if you are gone. God loves you. He wants you to stay on earth until HE takes you away. Suicide is a long term answer, to a short term problem. Do not convince yourself that suicide is the answer. Talk to your friends. THEY WILL LISTEN. I promise. Just do it.
  • I've looked at your questions. From the way you ask goofy, lighthearted stuff, then a few minutes later, ask about having us help you convince yourself to not cut/suicide, it looks, to me, like you are an attention seeker. If you are truly depressed, truly a cutter, truly suicidal, then get help from a professional, please. If you are just seeking attention, please stop doing this stuff, as it hurts many people.

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