• Not leagly able to.
  • Im with the right person just waiting for him to propose now, but im not that bothered about getting married, why try and fix something that isnt broken?
  • Its more like, "Is she going to f**k me over like the other one did", kind of a thing with me. Mostly by choice I guess.
  • By choice. I am not really over the loss of my late fiancee aalmost 3 years ago. Til I feel that I am over it enough to give myself completely to another person I don't see the point in trying.
  • I'm not sure if I'd like to be married again because the pain of divorce was a big one for me. Someone asked me to marry him but I said no - just wasn't the right person for me and I wasn't in love with him. If I'm crazy in love with someone then I suppose the prospect of marriage again won't be as scary. At least that's what I'm hoping. I think the idea of marriage is great and I love being in a committed relationship.
  • I don't think anyone should be allowed to make a decision that is so permanent and life altering as getting married. Most people that get married have no idea what they are getting into. They think they do and they have been conditioned to have marriage as a life goal, but when the reality that the rest of your life is set...until "death" for Christ sake !!! do they part..Well lets put it this way....alot of people who jump into marriages....get a real quick Rude Awakening...whenever the dust settles and they have time to think about it.
  • to me marriage is a legal term. If people choose to stay together and are staying together for the right reasons then nobody needs a piece of paper to say that they are doing the right thing.
  • Choice, but the choice probably saved me a couple of times. There was one that I probably should have chosen to marry, but it still would have meant hard ship and stress so who knows? People should spend some time living by themselves, doing all their own work, so they can truly appreciate what a marriage is good for. The older I get the more I appreciate what a marriage is good for but if I hurried to get married it would be for the wrong reasons!
  • I have met the person, and we both know and talk of it, we are just waiting until after she finishes nursing school, then we will be married!
  • At first it was choice. Now I can't meet the one I think I would want to spend my future with.
  • I have not met the right person a yet.
  • I am 17, so I am not old enough to get married without my parents permission.
  • It was 3 months away from our wedding when my fiance was killed in a car accident. That was 6 years go. Since then I just haven't really been interested in pursuing a new relationship that might lead to marriage. Maybe someday, but for now I'm just working on getting through the day and piecing my life back together.
  • haven't been asked yet - he is taking his time on this one
  • I was married. I waited till I was in my 30's. We had a home, a couple of great kids, Life was lookin good. A single event took place that changed the course of all our lives. Unfortunately we did not make it through this together. I was and am still devoted to my family. My wife is now an ex, but my children are not. I am still "married" to them. I have decided that any serious relationship would divide my attention to them. So until they are grown enough to be independent, marriage is not an option.

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