• I know it sounds silly, but open the side of the CPU and put a fan on it. Your fan may not be working properly.
  • well im not sure but you may have to check your fans are working propley because it may mean that they might not be working and it's getting hot and crashing like you said.
  • Pretty much agree on the dust and lint built up except just dusting vents is only a temporary fix, here is a set of instruction's for cleaning, if this has been going on for some time and you find in side really bad you may have damage to power supply to pay really close attention to it. CLEANING & CHECK INSIDE THE CASE you need to check a few things: #1. is to turn off the PC and unplug #2. take area that has no carpet on the floor and take off sides #3 look and see how much dust and lint build up is on fans of CPU, Power Supply, Front Fan etc #4 take canned air blow all dust and lint out, on power supply be sure and do all sides, also blow from front of case though vent to clear it, last tip case to side and blow out loose stuff ** caution if you must reach in side with hands and do not own a static strap, than keep one arm on case at all time while reach inside with hands, to avoid static elasticity Dust build up inside case in number cause of fans running over time as heat is building up to fast in side case because lack of fans able to turn fast enough, dirt blocking vents, this can lead to power supply dieing if it over heats to much to many times #5 once all clean plug back in and watch how fast all fans turn, should be good speed, especially the power supply and CPU #6 if all good put back together and should be good to go, just check more often
  • Put a fan over it. Put it over the modem and let it cool down. Or put an ice pack over it. It'll make your Internet connection run faster and won't crash as much.
  • Check that the processor fan isn't clogged with fluff and dirt or isn't working at all
  • maybe you need a new one
  • Most likely fan(s) clogged with dust or jammed entirely. The first thing to do is open the case and look inside. If there is a lot of dust DO NOT just start spraying canned air: the dust will go everywhere! At least, do that outside. A vacuum cleaner will pick up the larger clods of dust, but will not get into all the cracks. As to fans, there will usually be a fan on the rear of the case, one on top of the processor and one in the power supply. Try turning them gently with your finger or the plastic cap of a pen. They should spin easily; if you feel any resistance, the fan is bad and should be replaced. If a large amount of dust has collected, you may also want to remove the processor fan so you can dust the heatsink more effectively. I've seen a 5-10 degree temperature drop from this alone. Further, you can remove the heatsink from the processor and replace the thermal paste (seal). Remove the old paste, which had probably hardened and turned grey, from the heatsink and the processor using orange/citrus cleaner on a cotton swab, then wipe both surfaces thoroughly with a paper towel to get off all the residue. Replace the paste with Arctic Ceramique or Silver. Don't use too much: make a thin "X" and a square border around it, spread it lightly with the center rod of the cotton swab, then reassemble the heatsink and fan.
  • How long since you dusted it out and changed the paste?

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