• Pros=money, getting to see new places cons: may not be able to have a family with you or solid friendships, stressful being in a new place with new rules, you may not have complete control over where you work.
  • i read the answer the first nurse gave you. she's right. the money is great - the travel portion is great and the perks as yoou's very difficult if you have children or if your significant other has a job. you really don't make friends for the short term assignments. working in different places is difficult - rules are different - meds are the same but distribution is different - charting is different. by the time you would be getting used to it - it's time to move on. try some agency nursing to see if you can get the hang of moving around.
  • I was interested in this so talked to several nurses who had done travel nursing. The results are that you get zero orientation where you are assigned. YOu are put on the floor,given report, and you are off on your own. You are not told were to find equipment, the special policies of the hospital, just get to work. One travel nurse stayed on the job for an extended period of time, so once she learned the floor, things came easier. I feel this is putting your liscence in the line, and making it dangerous for both patient and nurse.
  • I think that if you wan to become a traveling nurse go for it but remember you will always be moving and it can cause problems once you are married and start a family! The good side is i think you get paied more than just being a regular nurse and if you like moving than it is the way to go!

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