• Yeah it is. It doesn't bother me anymore. Hell my own personal troll must have grown a bit, beacuse I have been getting -2s all day!! Wish I could give you points, but already gave you the max for this week!
  • I was getting my panties all in a twist about getting a sporadic influx of -1's yesterday, but now I'm like you. I see the absurdity in the whole thing. There is some baby ABer out here who just absolutely hates me. Bring it on, junior! I can take it! And just to let you know, I'm smarter, wittier, and feistier. I always win! hahahahahahahahahah
  • No I feel bad. Unless it's like -1 BB shots. Then I laugh and laugh and laugh.
  • I believe that negs have a place, but they should be used very sparingly, and explained when used.
  • No they still piss me off!
  • Laugh my ass off. I wish they would tell me why they are doing it. Bawk Bawk..... LOL.
  • I laughed the other night when I saw a down rate on a rather old question of mine. No answer,no comment, they just brought it back to DR it. Silly!
  • I find it flattering that I got to them. Especially when its a opinionated answer. If I threaten them that much, they deserve a chuckle.
  • yeah it bothers me for 1 sec but humors me most of the day
  • I have a good laugh, especially in the Religion threads, where generally, I'm getting rated down simply for not sharing the same views.
  • haha i take it really personally and wonder for about 10 minutes what i did wrong.
  • What makes me laugh is that they actually think I care.
  • Not even a chuckle..I just don't care. If it does bother anyone..just turn off the ratings bar and then you never see that you have been DR'd.
  • I find most people that give negatives do so out of some type of revenge. I give negatives if I think the question or answer is either in poor taste or the answer is the incorrect information or not helpful. I think that's what they are there for if I am not mistaken. One guy gave me a negative point because he was asking about doing crystal meth, he said it wasn't working and needed help. I suggested he take it and flush it down the toilet.
  • No. everytime I get one I go to sleep that night with tears on my pillow, with worry on my mind and fear in my heart. (LMFAO)

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