• No i know it's not efective in Canada
  • I think it depends where you went... I went to an inner-city high school and let me tell you THEY SUCK!!!!! No way did they prepare me for college. The reading was immense. The studying preperation so difficult. All my high school taught me was c r a p
  • Well, curriculums vary from region to region, but I think that it's the push toward technology in the classroom that's keeping kids from learning basic principles and creating a solid learning foundation. Look at kids. They pick up computers, video games and cell phones faster than any adult can. But they don't have that affinity with reading, math, science, geography and music. If you can't read and write, you can't effectively communicate in society. I'm all for using technology in the classroom, but I think there's a greater need for basic education. The technology will take care of itself.
  • hells to the no, it all suks lots
  • I think the US school curiculum is pretty effective, yet the type of school you're in plays a big role to. If a school is specialized in a certain field, they tend to decrease academics and increase their subject. For the most part, US schools do have a fair curiculum. Sex is being taught, and so is abstinence. That's a big jump.
  • well there are a lot of tech classes where i go they have CAD, photoshop, microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint, they also have a typing class and a bunch of other tech classes im trying to think of some others they have digital photography and accounting but the problem is that these classes are the first ones to go when the budget is cut
  • It seems like to me, they are just teaching the kids to pass the TAKS and state mandated tests. :-(
  • I think there has to be WAY more taught in schools about money management! Almost everyone these days is in debt the moment they turn 18, teaching kids about money is absolutely necessary.
  • No. Not effective at all. But are they supposed to be? The government schools are not set up to gear kids up for a high-tech world. Gov't schools were set up in order to give basic education which includes reading, writing and basic math. Secondly, you can not make a blanket statement about American schools because of how they are organized. The schools are controlled by the states and each state's curriculum will differ, some greatly. It is not the job of the government to educate you. You have to take some responsibility to keep up with the latest and greatest. Too many parents expect teachers to teach everything to their children when it is impossible.

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