• oh sure
  • It probably won't freeze because gasoline has a very low freezing point. Like in sub-zero conditions you have to be careful with gas, because getting it on your skin can cause instant frostbite. Also, the actual pump is located underground with the storage tank... and not in the tower that holds the nozzles.
  • I used to buy gas at a station that had a stream right behind the building. They always had out of order signs on different pumps in the winter. I would get stranded on the highway going to work because of moisture freezing in the gas filter. I eventually drained the gas tank on my truck and got almost a quart of water out of it. I quit buying gas there. Come spring they dug up the tanks at the station and it was in the paper that they lost their permit to sell gas because of leakage, water in the tanks and gas into the ground.

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