• i am usually the submissive one in the relationship, i like the male to be dominant (at least when they know how to take care of you)
  • in a casual relationship im very submissive untill it gets serious...
  • Neither, I am assertive and also compromising. I don't think that being completely dominant or submissive is a good thing.
  • I am more of the leader than the follower in most things. There are several - almost many exceptions - depending on what we are talking about. I have been in relationships were I was "cast" as the full dominate individual. I did not like that - there was too much 'power' given to me and the submissive one felt 'codependent' to me. The Spousal Unit and I work as a team, we are pretty well matched near perfectly in our strengths and weaknesses. Where I am unknowledgeable or "weak" The Spousal Unit is knowledgeable and "strong" and visa-versa. We pretty much know each others strengths and weaknesses thus we know when to give and take. There are a few things that we have "problems" with when it comes to who leads and who follows. I would love to say I am the better man and "give in" however that is a little farther from the truth... LOL
  • I'm more of a submissive because I've always felt that it's important for women to be able to be independant, but still let their man be "the man" when he's around.
  • My husband and I compromise on most issues. There are some things he is better at so I always allow him to lead then, especially when it comes to changing a car tyre ;P
  • What are you if you're a grumpy single oldish man like me
  • I am dominant, but not dominatrix dominant.
  • Totally submissive.... I'm a sellout without a backbone
  • both hey I hope I'm not bipolar!
  • In friendships and group settings, I am dominant completely. I make most of the decisions and don't conform to things I don't want to do. It's funny. Like...a whole group of friends will want to do something or go somewhere I find unappealing and I am just unmovable about it. A good part of the time I abandon the group as apposed to going ahead with something I don't think I'll enjoy. In romantic relationship, or in a business setting, I'm somewhat submissive. As far as romance, it kind of depends on my partner. My current one is impossible to dominate, so I don't really try, but we have a stability in that he tries to take charge of everything, but knows I'm my own handler. I either go with what he wants, or I say no, but I don't try to be the masculine figure at all. That way, he's happy because he gets to act like the boss, and I'm happy because he understands that just because he commands things, doesn't mean I'll actually do them.
  • Both I take control at times but I back down pretty easily when i tick someone off....
  • My true nature is completely submissive, but this part of me is only shown when I'm comfortable with the people that I'm with. Most of the time, I put up a very dominant, tough, and irascible front who is nothing like the real me. Only the people who are closest to me will ever get beyond her.
  • Really it depends, dominant (mostly) if I'm in a relationship with a woman. However when I date guys (which really hasn't been in a while now >_>) I tend to be much more submissive. I don't know why, just my thing.
  • I am dominant ... but fair :):).... ssshhhh but don't let my lady hear
  • it depends on who your with and how they treat you my x was meen so i was submissive cuzz i was scared of husband now treats me like a queen so i tend to be bossy and he lets me(but we both no he is in control)the point is some women bow down because their scared.
  • There's something to be said for equallity.
  • I like being both at different times. Domestically I am more dominant. Sexually I let my man think he is dominant.... SSShhhhhh!
  • This depends on your personality and what type person you are.
  • I do not like either. I am balanced. That nature is called Satwa Guna in Hindu Upanishads.
  • I like being both at different times.
  • as far as socially and in public I'm dominate.but at home when it comes to sex and such I'm completely submissive and i like a very dominate man.
  • At the office? Dominant. In my line of work, I am feared, and I am more than okay with that. At home? Submissive. I am sumissive to my wife and her every desire. No, I am not PW. I told her this is how I want it and she's becoming more and more comfortable with the idea.
  • I'm both...i can sometimes be a little more submissive though

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