• Yes I do.
  • Yes. I am pro-choice and for the global limit of 2 children per household.
  • I believe everyone does. All view contradict some other views.. so everyone contradicts each other.
  • Yes. And please allow me to limit my discussion to AB-related stuff: 1. My stand on the mod points issue and 2. My stand on questions that seem to be homework questions have earned for me some haters and many downrates.
  • Yes, but they are to controversial to post on AB :0
  • Yep. The most annoying to other people seems to be that I really dislike feminism and I believe strongly in Ephesians 5 and Proverbs 31. Why would a woman want to be a man?
  • Most of my views can be considered controversial to many, as they're uncommon. -I believe euthanasia should be legal and available to anyone in any condition. -I believe marriage should be abolished, as it is primitive. -I believe theism should be outlawed. -I believe strict guidelines should be put into place to test people's abilities to raise children. -I believe in a lot of things that would require great change and commitment to mankind, but I don't have much faith in global society, so I don't expect any of this to every happen.
  • I don't believe that anything 'happens' to us, after we die. Is that controversial?
  • I usually keep thoughts to myself, but here goes nothing. Yes. I don't think people need a drivers license until they are 18. I think that drinking, joining the military and voting should all be at the same age. If you are not mature enough for one then you are not mature enough for the others. I think that you should be allowed in the military at 18, but not combat until you are 21. You have had no chance at life at 18, 21 is early enough.
  • oh you bet I do and have stated them on a number of occasions here on AB so I won't go into them now :)
  • huh me? no way.
  • Yeah sometimes.
  • What I believe is contraversial to many people, yes. I believe the King James Bible is God's perfect, inspired, and holy Word preserved for us to this day in English. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Way to God, and that all other ways other than Jesus lead to Hellfire. I believe in a six-day Creation by God Almighty(with a seventh day of rest as well) and reject billions of years of evolution occuring. I am against abortion. I believe that it is murder and playing God as well. I believe that homosexual behaviour is sinful. I believe in the Trinity of the Godhead--that the One and Only God exists in the Persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ as well as His Deity and preexistence and His role as the Creator of all things. Thank you and may God bless you. :) -In Jesus' Name.
  • Oh god Yes. 1-I want to slowly end the welfare state, by slowly I mean take care of all those who are dependent on it, but do not allow more people to become dependent. 2-I want to end sending american troops over seas unless there is a declared war, close all 730 bases overseas and bring our boys home 3-I believe in violent and non violent resistance when the government knowingly deceives the public. 4-I don't believe in government sponsored UHC. 5-I'm american, that in and of itself makes one a outcast these days.
  • I try to stay away from controversy.
  • My views are only controversial to other people. So, no, they are NOT controversial, to me. >:D
  • Yes. I would like to eliminate the practice of people having to say "Bless you" when other people sneeze. My NEW proposal would be to have people say "Bless you" when other people break wind. Thank you for asking.
  • I am a life long christian. I'm 42 and have been a christian for 37 of those 42 years... unfortunatly.. I believe the bible has been tampered with, rewritten in some places and edited time and again to benifit certain people at certain times in history. My faith in God is not shaken, but my trust in certain religions is damaged.
  • Maybe I'm just thinking for myself, or maybe you're just thinking for yourself, but I don't feel like I live in a toilet. I am sad that your life is such that you feel as if you live in a toilet. I will keep hoping for you that things get better. It sounds to me as if you have been very mistreated and you deserve far better than that. As someone who loves to think, I would hate and feel utter despair if I ever found myself living in a society where I was subjected to mind control.
  • Plenty of them.
  • Yeah. I think the movie The Usual Suspects is waaaaaay overrated. And, I think whoever downrates me is a knob for thinking it's great.
  • Yes: I'm pagan. I believe the Desert Faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) are parasites on spirituality and should be shunted back to the sandbox they came from so the rest of the world can get on with life. I believe that people should be allowed to carry weapons for self defence, including concealed firearms. I despise political correctness. I believe pop culture is bunch of crap. I believe strongly in the value of a classical Liberal Arts education. I believe in the inherent awesomeness of humanity. I believe that there is nothing greater than a life of liberty.

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