• If it was a new relationship I would at least try and talk with that person and explain what happened and apologize for any wrongs. If they are unable to get past it, then perhaps your friendship is better appreciated elsewhere.
  • If it were me, I'd just apologize and see what happens. If the friendhip is over, at least you've cleared you conscious and tried to repair the damage. It's alot better than stewing over it and thinking "what if".
  • I would definitely try to fix it. if i had made a mistake, i would attempt to make amends. friendship means a lot to me, and i value it greatly. i would risk a lot for it, and if that meant apologizing and losing some of my pride, it'd be worth it. and as for it being a beginning friendship, dont cast it aside because it is just starting. you never know what it could become. :)
  • I think so Z. It certainly would't hurt to try. Friends are fairly hard to come by.
  • Sometimes we have to leave alone the things that we have no control over. I know that losing a friend is a hard pill to swallow but we have to learn to let go sometimes. It could be that a difference in personalities may have been present in the relationship all the while. An accepted apology should have been sufficient in repairing the damage caused by the overreaction. I would have no problem with that person no longer wanting to have anything to do with me because I have other friends, who have the decency to accept apologies.
  • yeah..why not? you can apologize (the first thing u should do anyway) and try to fix things and show how much he/she meant to you..(if only u think this fellow is precious)..but most of the time, people cant get rid of the ego, and not trying to fix things..dont do that mate, thats such a stupid egoist.
  • Maybe I would just move on. It's sad to lose a very good friend. But on the bright side, there are six billion people in the world who could become our friend. We would never run out of choices.
  • I would apologize and if there is still drama, then drop it. You are better than any crap someone throws at you. Mis-understandings are just that and if someone can't get past that, then its not worth fixing anything
  • How long had you been in the friendship?
  • You're a caring person. I'd try twice & if they choose to ignore you then it's their loss NOT YOURS
  • For me it would be worth trying to fix the relationship, even if we have known each other for only a very short time.
  • yes, friends who can forgive, and forget will be a REAL friend, but,if they wont, then they are not worth havingas a friend, so, give it a try and see what kind of person they are.
  • I's let them know that I was sorry about the misunderstanding and if they still felt that way then I'd move on and figure they weren't a real friend anyways...
  • I think it's worth going to the person, pointedly telling them you felt you overreacted, and that you are sorry. That's all you can really was a human mistake..if the person can't see past that and holds a grudge, that's a problem with themselves and you shouldn't worry about it..they'll have to get over it on their own.
  • Have you said "sorry?" it may but if they are talking about you behide your back thats not a true friend i wouldnt even try do you really want to put your self through heartache? Hang in there pal :)
  • For me, friendship means alot to me even if it was for month or a week. It has a big value. When I make a friendship with someone,I should protect it and try to make things up just to hold my friendship and not let it go. If i were you, I would work hard to correct wrong things that I have done to my friend. I won't care if people started to talk about me or else. Try hard Zack if you really mean this friendship.
  • I know what you mean Zack, and sometimes it can hurt and be frustrating. It often has really nothing to do with you. It's all in a person's perspective of how things went. I suppose this doesn't make sense, but maybe I'm talking about me and someone, more than you. - Gosh, I hope this helped some. I also hope you're doing well, tonight.
  • i hate loosing friends, so yes, i would try :)
  • I'd let time pass. Then give it another shot. If that doens't work, just back off. You have done what you can. The ball is in their court.

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