• Wily Coyote eats it. Duh! Outside of ACME, baby roadrunners separated from their parents will probably die. However, its chance of survival depends upon its age. If it's separated just a few days too early, it will probably survive because it has already learned how to hunt, and stay away from predators. If it's a newborn, it's screwed!
  • i found a baby roadrunner in the middle of the road 2 weeks ago,he was about 1 day old,i've been feeding him small grasshoppers,crickets,earthworms,1 striped lizard(cut up)a little canned dog food and he is doing great,he likes to jump onto my shoulder and walk around,he is very funny and a riot to play with,they grow amazingly fast.i'm sure he was only a day or so old,i've raised chickens for years and he had all the same newly hatched features,i.e.,abdoman was mostly egg,no feathers at all,short,wide bill like any baby bird,but in 3 days his bill started to form and lenghten to about an inch.he absolutely loved the lizard and likes bugs and grasshoppers,doesn't care much for the dog food but he will eat 25 or 30 grasshoppers a day and will let you know when he is hungary as well as when he' had enough. hope this may help someone. b.c.

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