• Yes he is hitler was the killer
  • Yes :)
  • I think he was guilty.
  • I dont know. I have heard evidence from both sides but my personal belief is he was involved somehow.
  • He probably was a virgin.
  • No In 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy single-handedly, a conclusion also reached by prior investigations of the FBI and the Dallas Police Department. In 1976 the House Select Committee on Assassinations agreed with the Warren Commission that Oswald assassinated Kennedy, but also concluded, largely based on controversial and disputed acoustic evidence, that Kennedy was assassinated "probably as a result of a conspiracy".
  • No. The prosecutor from the Charles Manson trial, I forget his name, spent twenty years evaluating every aspect the of the case, answered all the questions, and there is no longer any other conclusion possible than that Oswald did it and that he acted alone.
  • no he did it ...but he was not alone ... that grassy hill just won't go away
  • no, he wasn't innocent. but, I think a lot of people agree he didn't act alone.
  • Maybe not innocent he did have something to do with it in that he let himself be used as a scapegoat.
  • I think he killed the cop but not jfk.Think about it why would oswald go all the way home to get a pistol?If he planned a shoot out why not bring it to work?He tries to get away by force in the theatre,but less than a 90 seconds after the last shot at jfk he's seen cool and calm,but confused why the cops got a gun on him and moving in?The cia killed jfk...45 years later and there STILL hiding stuff!lol,why would you hold documents that prove your innocence?Oswald was an fbi informant set by spooks who knew oswald was gonna rat on them to the feds.
  • ask this man........
  • Oswald was no angel, but I don't think he was a Presidential murderer either. There have been numerous attests that Oswald was a pathetic marksman, some even going as far as to spell out how many "Maggie's Drawers" or missed shots he earned on the Marine rifle range. Sharpshooter is just barely above "passing" on the range and he only scored a few marks away from FTQ'ng (failing to qualify)on the range. I think Earl Warren said it best when he made the statement to the effect of "it will be at least 75 years before we can really know what happened". Too many things point to LBJ having his fingers on the kill switch for there not to be some kind of governmental cover-up, poor old Ossie was just the fall guy. Good case of being suckered into something far bigger than you.
  • No. He knew some of the details of the killing, but not the whole picture. He was used as a puppet to divert the investigation. My 2 cents.
  • No, but I don't think he acted alone. My own opinion.
  • Not innocent. I believe he was used by the Mob to kill JFK. As he stated himself, he was a patsy.
  • yes, and he never stated that he killed anyone... He refused to speak to anyone to try to maintain some of his rights until he got a specific lawyer from New York by the name of John Abt which would never happen. He professed his innocence from the moment he was arrested to the day of his death by Jack Ruby. There are pictures of him at the time of his shooting standing in the doorway to the School Book Depository building making it impossibe for him to be the shooter. FBI dismissed this saying it was another man who btw was wearing clothes not even slightly similar to those of Oswald. There are so many lies behind this and most will never be uncovered. Even the film of him being shot is a fake. We cannot trust our Government for anything. We have no rights. We think we do because we play along in voting and everything when it is already all set and determined for us. They give us the false hope that we have a say and have rights when we never will.
  • This is my personal opinion: I believe Oswald did not kill President Kennedy, the shots from his rifle could have never reached JFK from the estimated distance and location, he could not have fired but one shot at a time never the less several shots hit JFK at the same time. This killing was something else, the mob could have been involved or perhaps it was a political issue. Oswald's crime was to be married to a Russian woman and to have lived in Russia for a time.
  • No, infact he actually aproached the KGB and said he wanted to spy for Russia - and the Russians turned him down. Oswald was an idiot - and he murdered JFK.
  • He was innocent. There have been many debates about this question. Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of shooting President John F. Kennedy, never went to trial for his alleged crime. He was shot only two days after Kennedy was assassinated. Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer, was described merely as a nightclub owner, but we now know he was a mafia bagman and police-fixer for Carlos Marcello, head of the mafia in New Orleans and Dallas. Ruby's connections with the mafia were trivialized by the Warren Commission, typical of many other misrepresentations that have been noted by conspiracy theorists and researchers through the years. Defenders of the findings of the Warren Commission, which assumed Oswald's guilt as its starting-point, have been many and vociferous. Thousands of books have been written on the subject, pro-and-con, especially since the Oliver Stone film 'JFK' came out, which spurred the release of milions of new documents regarding Oswald and other assassination-related topics. Oswald's connections with government agencies have been established, and are acknowledged by unprejudiced researchers who have examined the record without prejudice. There are large and elaborate websites defending the Warren Commission's most troubling assumptions, but just as many provide interesting alternate information questioning Oswald's true role. Websites offering well-documented objections to the Official Version websites include, Edward T. Haslam's websites (his book, "Dr. Mary's Monkey" provides excellent reasons for Oswald to have been framed), and Judyth Vary Baker's official website. It is a fact that Oswald declared that he was a patsy, and insisted he did not kill Kennedy. And no plausible motive could be established. Nevertheless, the public was told that Oswald was the sole and only assassin in the case within twenty-four hours, despite the fact that more witnesses asserted they heard shots coming from the famed "Grassy Knoll" than those who said they heard shots from the building where Oswald worked. Newsgroups may offer irresponsible 'facts' -- be careful. Watch for ad hominem arguments, name-calling, and sloppy documentation as hints that prejudice might be in play. Living witnesses still exist who declare Oswald's innocence, including some who knew him personally. They have spoken out, only to have their reputations and characters assaulted, crushed by ad hominem attacks and misquotes supplied by "Official Version" Internet newsgroups and websites. Quotations taken out of context or deliberately altered are common. The question of Oswald's innocence remains controversial largely because the media trots out, annually, another film 'proving' Oswald did it. At the Sixth Floor Museum, that makes a fortune showing off the fatal window, the Zapruder film is shown with the final portion -- Kennedy's head thrown violently backwards as a bullet strikes him -- removed as being 'too graphic' for the public. But the real reaon is that Kennedy's limo had already passed the building in which Oswald was located: the shot had to come from in front -- from the Grassy Knoll. Any soldier knows how a shot can throw a man off his feet, and it will be in the direction the bullet was going, despite recent theories offered to account for Kennedy's head snapping back. Dan Rather told the American people, as one of the first to view the Zapruder film, that Kennedy's head moved vilently FORWARD, not BACKWARD. It took Jim Garrison, the much-maligned New Orleans attorney (see the film JFK) to bring that film out to the American public. The majority of Americans, as well as persons elsewhere in the world, despite annual efforts by the media to present Oswald as the sole assassin, suspect that Oswald not only did not 'act alone,' which is the way the media tends to present the issue lately, but that, in fact, Oswald was framed, and was indeed innocent. Yes, Oswald was innocent. Or do you believe EVERYTHING the government tells you? The film "Thirteen Days" will give you another glimpse of some of Kennedy's enemies. Remember, the FBI and CIA were in charge of handling the evidence, and several key members and associates in the Warren Commission were Oswald's sworn enemies. Look it up.
  • Look here and you tell me.
  • He was not innocent, but he wasn't a "lone gunman"...he was definitely part of a larger conspiracy.

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