• she is seeing how much u want her and to be truthful its better if u distance ur self alittle bit and see how much she really wants you. girls find it so easy to brush off a guy that wants them so badly but if the guy isn't giving in then they will want him so much more good luck champ and be friendly and charming just dont give in and do everything or anything she wants it works
  • well the girl is seeing how much you like her and she's doing all those things to test you but id kinda like back away from her some and see if she really likes you just dont fall in becuz if the guy plays kinda hard to get the girl will want you alot GOOD LUCK!!! :-)
  • I am really glad you asked this question because I am wondering exactly the same thing with the roles reversed. Whether it's her demeanor to be playful or does it mean something more? Thats the same for me and a m8 of mine. I presume in my case it's just an opportunity. I would question yours more though....she may have feelings for you.
  • who knows? she is the only one that knws for sure. why don't you just ask her? you could ask her in a freindly way. its better than sezual harassment.
  • She could just be a tease that likes the idea of you wanting her but with no intention of ever pursuing a relationship with you.Or,you could just ask her and find out for sure.
  • yea, she's the only one that really knows, but you never know. She could want you back...or maybe she just wants to go back to being friends, but SHE'S finding it hard to let go....Did she do that when you guys were friends? Maybe it's just plain lust?Does she have a new bf? Maybe she's using u to try to get through to other guys? That would be pretty harsh, but does she seem like that kinda girl?
  • Listen to waht she is saying. A hug is just a hug. You are reading far too much into the hug situation. She JUST wants to be your friend. Nothing more.
  • yes she is seeing if you still like her in a more than friends type of way. i do the same with my ex!
  • If she has said just be friends then that is all she is after. If you find her behaviour uncomfortable then ask her to stop.

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