• If you mean can you take your home off the market- you will have to read the contract part about how much time you agree to list the property with the broker. This sounds like a shady deal, to say the least, to have your house listed on his list of available homes. I would contact the Realtors Board in your state and ask if this broker has any complaints about him and then list this one. Have them pressure him to break the contract with him also but if its near the expiration date, just let is lapse,call him and tell him the house is no longer up for sale. And when you do put it up for sale- dont sign with this guy - you dont need to sign with anyone. They hand you a line of crap about "multiple listings dont work" yes they do. As brokers, they just have to hustle more to get the sale before someone else does. Why lock up your house listing when you can have it listed all over the place bringing you more options in buyers?

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