• I decided to answer this and I did. There you go, that's control. greekgod,out.
  • I think you have multiple paths, but in the end you will get to the same place you were expected to end up in because the choices we make in life will ultimately end up in the same place because your destiny is pre-determined, it is just how you choose to get there is up to you.
  • I don't believe in Voodoo so I feel in control of my destiny. I carry my rabbit' foot around with me so that no unseen forces are working against me.
  • I think everyone can control their destinies to a certain degree, you can choose to go to college, work hard and get a good job, or you can choose to be a bum, you can choose those, but if you go to college get a good job, and you get killed by a drunk driver or something, that you can not control, since you can't control other people's choices...
  • We have the power to make choices. The choices we make are what controls our destiny. So, yes, we have the power to control our destiny. (And I think we should). Some of the choices we're faced with aren't necessarily ones we like, but, thats life.
  • yes. this is how it works. you have a bow and arrows. the arrows you have already launched,you have no control of them anymore. the ones remaining in your quiver,you have full control you can decide where,when and in what direstion you can direct them.
  • Say it so and it will be so!
  • We are free to choose the paths we take, aren't we?
  • The law of cause and effect is known in philosophical texts also. There is a very specific law in science. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". If you write it in English, it becomes Newton's Law. If you write it in Sanskrit, it becomes Law of Karma. Karma is not fatalism. The very wording "for every action" says that you have the freedom of action, but you should be cautious about the reaction. The working of Karma is similar to what Mr. Spunts wrote about arrows left in quiver. The bad situations that we face are not part of life as written by Mr. Sloroller. They are the inevitable reactions of our own Karma. They are the things which we can not control as written by Mr. Romiex69x. Similar meaning is given by the phrase "sow the wind; reap the whirlwind". It means that those who sow little seeds of evil (wind) shall eventually have to harvest the entire crop of damage (worldwind). Another phrase is "what goes around comes around" but with a warning that it comes back multiplied. It may seem insignificant at the time of sowing (e.g. gossip/rumour) but it can grow into a full blown worldwind which will eventually distroy all including the sowers. A mild version of it is "As you sow so shall you reap".
  • A person has some control to make their own decisions
  • We all have the power to choose our destiny, by no matter what path you choose, it leads to the same thing. Death.
  • 6-13-2017 What do you think "destiny" means? AFAIK it is the future, and you are powerless to control the future. You can plan and prepare but if a meteor falls on your car on the way to work, you have no control over the outcome. It's silly of you to think you do.
  • Of course we have control, and that control means making bad decisions along with the good one's. People who blame fate or bad luck for losing out are just looking for excuses to opt out of taking responsibility for their own actions.

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