• Congrats! most people "advertise" it like this. Its usually the only way. A lot of people dont know how long you have been at that level.
  • Oh, sorry dear. Congrats to you from the depth of my and heart.
  • Janie this was an honest and legitimate question. I am not sure why people keep negging you on it. Must be the troll who hate congratulatory questions. Anyway to answer your question. Congratulations questions in relation to an ABer reaching certain levels is considered in poor taste by most members who have been around awhile for anything under level 50 which is sage. Then it would be every 10 levels after that example level 60 maestro lever 70 guru and so forth.
  • CONGRATULATIONS...(now you can never say that you haven't been congratulated again)--why all the DR's for this question? +5
  • I don't think there is a rule. Most people don't get noticed until they reached level 50. I was congratulated until I reached level 60.
  • I would say 50 or higher...Let us know when you reach that level. That proves dedication, you've paid your dues then. LOL
  • Typically one is congratulated by an AB friend and not until they have reached Level 50 (Sage).
  • There doesn't seem to be a written rule, just the consensus that congratulatory parties begin at level 50. Hang in there!
  • I am new here so I am sorry nobody has ever congratulated you. Congratulations on level 25!!!!!! Now I am excited about being on level 7 so I expect some love in return. LOL
  • Congrats on hitting level 25. I'm on level 41 and nobody congratulates me, so...
  • The first congrats is usually when the sage level has been reached. I wouldn't even hold your breath for that though, cos no one congratulated me even for reaching sage.
  • Well, I first got congratulated when I reached level fifty...when I became a Sage. But that was a year ago. Sages are a dime a dozen now. Anyway, I wouldn't expect anyone to congratulate someone reaching anything lower than Sage, for fear that they might be accused of whoring for points.
  • I was given a hearty congratulatons when I made Professor. I didn't ask for it and it was really unexpected when I was asked about it. I considered it a great honor for one of the senior baggers to think enough of me to have done it. . I have since learned that tradition holds this to be something usually reserved for Sage. So buck up! Keep up the good work! You'll get there! And someday I'll make it there, too!
  • I was congratulated when i reached sage. That's level fifty. It's usually that or higher, but don't count on it because there are so many sages now.
  • well usualy level 26 but here's an early congrads!!!:)
  • Level 50, when people reach SAGE is the usual time to begin congratulations.
  • me either, congrats!

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