• what format are they - I take it you have downloaded the files (or not?)
  • Windows media player 11 should do the trick.
  • I think you should have it downloaded prior to conversion?
  • Torrent files are not a data or substance file they are a link. A link to usually copyrighted material. If you haven't already downloaded the material via the torrent file than it is simply impossible. You'll need a torrent client - do a google search for BitTyrant - to download the material, then it may come out as an mp3 and if not then ask around AB for the answer.
  • .torrent files must be extracted through programs, the only two I know of are utorrent ( BitTorrent ( From there, the files may be mp3/mp4/wma, but they could be .rar, in order to extract those you must get a program like winRAR ( For any more help just ask and I'll give you an email adress

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