• This is tricky to do. If its a standard radio type bug (eg *not* a mini-recorder, ) ..Hire, borrow or buy a kind of radio called a "Scanner", attach the small indoor aerial, and scan in FM mode from about 50MHz to 1000MHz. If youve never used a scanner before, it will probably take a few hours to figure out how to use it, unless someone tutors you. You will find a few external radio/ local-community stations... be suspiscious of any station it finds that produces sounds in your home. (you should play a CD on your stereo, and would hear this through the scanner if it was picked up by the radio-bug.) "Scanning" with music playing & your phone off-hook would be smart, because bugs are often sound activiated and phone-radio-bugs usually only transmit when phone is off-hook ( to save power). There are numerous other (more expensive , complex and risky) ways to bug homes. FM radio bugs are the commonest, and easiest to find. A hidden voice recorder is much harder to find, because it does not emit any signal (but is only useful as a bug after it is collected from home). The easiest way to find these is to either look in obvious places, or catch the criminal in your home trying to retrieve it.
  • hi my husband bugged our phone line with some kind of bug where he downloaded the conversations and saved them on the computer and on a memory stick. after i cut the phone line he was using and he promised not to use it I beleive it is located in my car somewhere. Is there any device to find it that wont interfere with the car radio and do you sell something I could buy that would work. I am not very tech savy but can follow directions from a manual. also can you tell me what the type of bug he is using thankyou Jeanne Taylor
  • If I were in your situation, I would go to the local police and file a complaint. I would ask them to check my car for the bug and also my home. Your husband is stalking you. I would think about leaving him if I were you.
  • Hi to everyone out there who is being bugged by buggers, I know how annoying this can be as i have been through it myself, now i speacialize in debugging for a living, I poses all the latest debugging gear down to 900hrtz if you are in melbourne victoria australia email me for a qoute for me to come around and debug your house, cars, or phones,

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