• I would think that those who became blind, as opposed to being born blind, could and would have visual imagery in their dreams.
  • Good question, but Do you dream with your eyes open? I think they do see dreams at night, but thats what I think and I dont know how accurate it is. maybe they see dreams in a different way
  • depends on if they're blind from birth. If they're blind from birth, then their visual cortex is underdeveloped. Vision doesn't mean anything to their brain, so their visual centers do not activate when they dream. Maybe they dream in sounds or feelings.
  • Depends how long they were blind for, if they are 50 years of age and became blind at 25, then they would have dreams in pictures as well as sound. If they have been blind all there life, they wont know what things look like and will have dreams in sound. People who are deaf and blind, i could not bare that. God Bless You All. Just remember, one day they will all hear and see : )
  • My Dad, who is 72 years old, lost his sight about 2 years ago as a result of glaucoma. Today, he drifted off to sleep and awoke with the visualization he had while dreaming. Awake, he described that he fell asleep and saw tall buildings in his dream. However, even awake, he could still see the buildings from the perspective of being on the roof of one the buildings. He described a landscape of buildings, in the dark, with lights. The visualization was so real to him, he became immobile, paralyzed, as he expressed his intrepidation of heights; he was afraid to move from where he sat for fear of falling off the roof. Incredible right? In an attempt to calm his fear, my Mother reminded him that last week he experienced the same thing when he thought he was seeing stacks of boxes in every room as he tried to move around the house. He seemed comforted that the visualization, of the boxes, was temporary and so the buildings, he was currently seeing, would be too. My parents are visiting for Thanksgiving and we have made every attempt to make our house safe and accessible removing potential obstacles and barriers. I simply never considered the barriers would exist in his own visualization/mental images. In summary, yes, I believe blind people, who have had sight, see in their dreams and am quite curious about what a blind person sees day to day. If you have resources, which could explain what I have described, please post. Thanks.
  • ofcourse ..i think they guess it...
  • well when you dream your eyes are closed right? So I would be willing to bet that they can!
  • I think they probably do. This is such a good question! Thank you for asking it! :)
  • I know someone who was blind and could not even see light and he used lights in the house and it helped him to move around because he could feel the heat off the lights. He also said when he dreamed he could see people in his dreams because he had seen some of them before going blind.
  • Only if they have a clear view. ^_^

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