• When a movie producer pays a lot of money to a celebrity to be in his movie, it is usually because he can count on getting that money back when the fans pay to see their favorite. Also, remember that in the film industry, you have to go to work for a lot more hours than your performance on the screen shows. A friend of mine worked six weeks, all day, every day on a film and never even made it into the theater. She got paid her full salary, and ended up completely cut out of the film.
  • Because whoever was producing the film was willing to pay that price.
  • For the same reason that KFed was paid upwards of $250k to appear at clubs or parties. The person writing the check expected at least that much in return from his appearance (think celebrity endorsements in magazines or on TV and/or lots of publicity). Same general thougt process applies to cameos in films/ on TV shows.
  • People like Gisele don't come cheap. The producers knew that if they paid her that amount they could use her name in promoting the movie. It seems a bit extreme to pay someone, but they made it back in video sales and such.

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