• no most likely not i dont think it works that way
  • Well it is a wonderful thought to apologize to your mom. I think she would like that very much...but no matter what she loves you. It is not a curse...your daughter will be fine. Just stay connected to her...always be open so she feels she can talk to you about anything..without the wrath of hell coming down on her. :) Don't happy...
  • HAHA! If only it were that easy, always remember "What comes around goes around" It sucks I know! =)
  • No its too late, you should have thought of this years ago. the age old curse of "May your kids be as rotten as you" can not be lifted by anyone here. Only a Supreme being can effect this.
  • very doubtful and more or less impossible if she finds out that's what you want her to do - she of course is programmed to do the opposite of whatever you say.
  • Well an apology won't hurt and while you are at it, forgive yourself, because you probably did the best you could. Teenagers can be smart, but are too young to know what they don't know. You can also try to sit down and analyze why you acted the way you did and see if there is any thing you can do to correct your behaviors, if your daughter is experiencing the same problems you did. Also, prayers to be guided to make proper decisions can be helpful.
  • Not a curse lifted, but it'll probably happen. I had a self-willed baby as my Mom said I was. I guess you could have lots of daughters and one is bound to be different.
  • Tried it. Didn't work. I just passed the curse onto my own son. ;-)
  • nope. I've tried it, and my gypsy mother's curse lives strong.
  • well if u believe there acctually is a curse of that sort thats one thing but i would say 1.the way people raise their children 2. the enviorment they are in acctually is the whole cause..
  • no you are cursed however I was once given this advice by a gardening friend - If you are concerned about the way your children are growing up, plant them further apart or just deeper
  • No. But at least you'll be able to look forward to your daughter apologizing to you in a few years.

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