• Scold a child yep, hit a child, nope. If parents want to spank a child thats up to them, but there is no excuse for EVER hiting someone elses child.
  • It is NEVER justified to hit a child, it does not matter if it is your child or a strangers. If a stranger hit my child then that strangers next of kin would be arranging a funeral for him/her! NO ONE HITS MY KIDS! As for "scold"ing him, if that means telling him off then your into touchy territory! If were talking a kid in single figures (age wise) then the kids parents should be close by and the best way to deal with it is to talk to the parents.
  • This is bothering you isn't it? You were protecting your child and the other child needed scolding. Remember also that the child was on your property and the parent should have been watching him or her. "Hitting" well, some parents do not believe in spanking; however, there is a difference in hitting and pushing them away from your child to protect it. As I mentioned before I firmly believe the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child; that only shows love for the children to do so.
  • well,in my opinion it is`nt justified to do so especial on a strangers own(even to your own)...that is`nt the rightful way either to correct a child
  • If a child is in imminent danger (ie about to burn themselves or be hit be a car) go ahead and yell and scold them, but NEVER EVER hit another person's child. If a stranger's child is being bratty it is for the parent or caretaker to deal with. It is none of your business. I know that there are parents out there who don't dicipline their children, but that doesn't mean it is your responsibility to do their job for them.
  • Hit, no. Restrain or scold, absolutely! If the parent is there and isn't doing it, they probably need a good scolding too. Allowing your children to hurt others is NOT good parenting, and I would really tell off anyone who was allowing their children to behave that badly... after scolding the child and potentially forcing them physically to stop their bad behavior. However, it would NEVER involve striking the child, and would only involve striking the parent if they hit first. (Legally that makes it self defense, but you have to take a hit first and then defend yourself.)
  • it is never ok to hit a child - But scold away. Yesterday morning, at my daughters elementary school 2 boys were rough housing before the teachers arrived. I was the only adult in Sight. I did not think twice about it - I physically separated and put them both in time out corners. When the teacher arrived I let her handle the rest. When children are doing something dangerous - yes it everyones responsiblity. But hitting is a no-no. And sometimes being the Stanger it re-inforces what the parents are saying.
  • It is never justified to hit someone else's child. If they are doing something harmful then simply remove them from the situation and explain it is harmful. As adults we have to remember that we are stronger than most young children and can hurt them easily, especially if we are angry at the time. I can sympathise with your situation, my son was bullied when he was younger. Personally I would explain to the parents that this child is not welcome at your home and ask them to keep him off your property. I would inform them that if they do not do so you will seek advice from the police and perhaps a lawyer.

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