• That is a broad statement that would be hard to prove.Some of the most populated countries in the world don't even know she exists,such as China and India.
  • I shudder to think that's true! On the other hand, she does have a huge following in America, and she is very heavily advertised here. Hey, you people not from the US! Does she even exist in other nations as far as you know?
  • She is one of the richest and most influential females on earth and yet she does not even have her own category on AB. What does that tell you?
  • I believe she is very much respected and loved.
  • Some people may think so.
  • By many. I don't discount the wonderful things she's done in the world, but the blind adoration people seem to have for her is troublesome. I've often joked that if she said she ate cat food for breakfast, millions of women would be down on their hands and knees eating Little Friskies by the next morning;)
  • I think she is full of herself. I dont think she has any personality to speak of. She just happened to be very,very,very lucky in her life. I didnt like how everybody was falling all over her for the cars she "gave" to her entire audience. She took all of the credit and then later on it came out that the cars were DONATED to her for that purpose. She got all the credit. Its easy to give away something you never even paid for. If she would have bought and paid for each and every one then it would be something special. Also she thought it was such a good deed to give over 500 pregnant wives of over sea military over $1000/each of free baby stuff. (sorry if I offend anybody here) I dont think they need it as much as some people. Over-sea military doesn't get paid what they should but it is definately enough to adequately support a family that already has full health/other benefits just from being a dependent. That baby supplies could have went to women who have financial trouble. Such as, single parents who are in school, working two jobs, has babies with disabilities or many more situations that would be MUCH more beneficial. (I dont mean people who milk government benefits just so they dont have to work)

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