• I've never tried roast turkey with a motor oil glaze.
  • If you were to butcher & fillet the bird first, cutting it into many small pieces, wrapping each chunk, and then packing it around the engine block to cook the thin portions, then maybe yes ... but most newer vehicles do not have the space for an entire whole turkey, and getting the bird to propperly bake, even if you have a huge older vehicle with sufficient space, would be nearly impossible.
  • Unless there's something wrong with it, I doubt that the engine would get up to the couple hundred degrees needed to cook a turkey.
  • I know you can cook some things that way but I doubt a turkey would cook...hehe
  • Theoretically, yes. Practically, no. Even if it were to cook, likely some would burn and some would remain raw, and I seriously doubt you'd actually want to eat any of it.
  • that sounds like something my husband would want to try. don't give him any ideas.
  • It's really fun. We did a burrito like this once.

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