• Its normal....maybe and I got the scratches and cuts to prove it. What brought this on?
  • No. When I was younger, I was carsurfing to impress some random girl I had just met. Got up to about 40 MPH and I decided I wanted to get off. I thought I saw a patch of grass coming up on the right side, so I dove for it. There was no grass, instead, gravel. I stopped in about 2 feet, with a piece of gravel through my kneecap. After a couple of days I finally went to the hospital.
  • Oh no, Lisa. You are far from the only idiot on Answerbag, LOL. No worries!
  • Oh please!! I have done similar things hundred times!!
  • Honey, if I had a dollar for every time I've done something "stupid," I could retire. I'm also the first to admit that I'm a complete klutz, too. Hell, I can trip over dust! LOL!!
  • Ouch............. I have done hundreds of stupid things I have regretted. It is just how the human is. I do hope you did not break it or cut it. Ice pack it.....and don't do it again...LOL
  • LOL(but it's not really funny). Congratulations on being human, Lisa.:)
  • Let's just say my stupidness is sometimes interrupted by brief moments of intelligence. I embrace my fellow idiots!
  • Aggression is not the answer deary I know from experiences of my own.
  • Wow, where to start. I think the best was taking plywood, bracing it against a metal frame and somehow thinking it was humanly possible to punch through it. You know, that kind of punch where you hold nothing back. The kind that drives the bones up into your hand resulting in a rather unusual looking lump at the top of your hand...
  • If you want to talk, let me know.:-)
  • You certainly aren't the only idiot if that's what makes one. I've punched through the drywall in my room three times out of anger, and I really wish I hadn't. I've also done some pretty stupid things thanks to infatuation. Outbursts of emotion suck, don't they?
  • Oh no hon you are not alone. When I was younger I spent half a year of allowence on replacing our living room wall that my fist went through as well as holes in my room. My brother flipped a mustang & it through him out (luckily) before flipping 6 times & totaling the car, he was very lucky scratch free, got mad & walked up to it & punched the windshield out & had to have 8 stitches. My hubby got mad & went to punch the wall & found the stud. Broke his knuckles, lol I had 'hit me again james' in permanant marker where the lil dent was from his knuckles.
  • When I was younger, I bashed a hole in my bedroom wall... WITH MY HEAD! I hope you feel a little less stupid now, comparatively. :)
  • I've done many stupid things that I've later regretted. I think it must be a part of the human condition, so you're in very good company, and you have lots of it.
  • Absolutely. I've kicked a bedroom (wood mind you) door, and fracture my foot and almost broke my toes, and now I have arthritis in that foot. I definitely regret it. I was so pissed off at my husband after an arguement, so instead of doing what I felt like doing and kicking him in the butt, I did the door lol
  • Lisa, did your mommy make you angry? I hope it wasn't your daughter. My hubby has done stuff like this. Did you cut yourself and need stitches? You are a hot blooded woman ain't you?
  • I used to work in a Hand Surgery. A guy came in with staples through the palm of his hand. I asked him how it happened. He said he was trying to use his staple gun on some wood and it wouldn't work so he held the staple gun up to his hand and fired. It did work!
  • Hey I don't see you planning to run away from home a planning to join a circus for stupid people. Greenbean P.S I know how you feel
  • just 20 minutes ago, i pulled a tray out the oven with my bare left hand. i started to drop it, realised my food would be ruined, and caught it with my right hand. great, both hands out of action for a yes, i regret my stupidity, and no, you're not the only idiot :D
  • I done the same, I now have 17 stitch's and have lost the use of my little finger, severed the tendons.. I wished I had punched her instead....
  • I hurt myself to see how it would hurt.
  • Trust me you are not the only idiot I have done plently of stupid things from jumping off banisters to eating unknown things,the most recent would be using a soft taco wrap to get a hot pan out of an oven now i have 1st an 2nd degree burns all over the palm of my hand(lol).

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