• I would go to your boss and have a talk. Ask him why you were passed up over someone younger that you trained. Tell him how you feel about it.
  • That's tough. Nobody can really tell you what you should do, but I would start by restraining myself in that situation -- I don't want my anger or resentment to control my actions. It can take some time before that starts to settle down, and then some clarity usually emerges, but only if I'm careful not to allow myself to get caught up in all of those thoughts chronically. In business, I find it helps to be able to let go of my own concerns and take the company's perspective, at least part of the time. If I can do that, and try to align my own interests with the company's interests, we're fine -- if not, I take that as a sign that it's time to move on. So if your resentment settles down, and you can still get interested in the company's success enough to do your job, that seems like a viable situation. If the resentment and anger continue for a long time, I would say that's a sign that you're not taking responsibility for the situation -- you gotta get over that stuff and move on. It's normal to take some time with it, but don't hang out there year after year just resenting the situation.

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