• They go into the hive. Some of them have duties in there, ventlation for example, but most of them are at least dormant in a state of 'sleep.' Get up close and you can hear them snoring.
  • The go back to their hives. No they dont sleep
  • They don't sleep. Smoke might make them woosy but I don't think it makes them fall asleep.
  • Actually, though yes, they do return to the hive, there is a question about whether they "sleep". Insects have periods of dormancy in which their physical and nervous activity "ramps down", which is exactly analogous to sleep in more complex creatures. As diurnal creatures, many bees will go into such dormancy at night.
  • what about when they're in your house?
  • I just got stung at night. Unless the bees were sleep flying, they are up at night.
  • According to the study below, bees do indeed sometimes sleep... Reference: Southwick, E. E. "Bee sleep". American Bee Journal 131:165-166, 1991
  • I would believe they go back to the hive at night.
  • it may sound funny but i can vouch for bees sleeping at night. i am not able to open my window at night because about 15 or so bees always huddle between my window and the screen at night. im highly allergic to bees. but they never seem to bother me. they do sound like they are snoring or they sound like they make humming noise. when i wake up in the morning and look they are gone. so now i know that they dont always go back to their hives.
  • They had better beehive themselves. Lol:)
  • 1-21-2017 Bees go back to the hive and sleep. Bees sleep on their knees because that is a comfortable position for them. That's why you sometimes hear people speak of something comfortable as "the bees knees."
  • I don't know, they just buzz off somewhere.

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