• I'm not certain I understand your question... If you mean when do you start weaning the puppies and feeding them dog food? I grind my dog food in the food processor and add a milk formula (Esbilac or such) for dogs and let it soak. I take a small bit on my finger and put it in each puppies mouthes and introduce them to food this way. The food is put in a shallow dish that all of the puppies can stick their heads into. I usually start feeding a food gruel around 3 weeks and gradually increase the density. By 7-8 weeks my pups are eating regular dog food that has been softened (by soaking in warm water). I also add some yogurt, cottage cheese or shredded cheese. However, I have toy dogs and they are left with mom until at least 8 weeks. Then I start keeping mom out of the puppy pen during the day, and back in at night. My puppies don't leave my house to go to their new homes until they are 16 weeks or older. That way they have learned from their siblings and mom (and aunts, uncles, grandmas etc etc!) for as long as I feel needed. Dogs teach puppies a lot more than we can at this age! Good luck!
  • The mother will wein them at the proper time. Don't worry about it. She knows when.

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