• Did you get your eye poked out?
  • I think I would look interesting with a patch, but noy sure it would goo with the glasses.
  • I think I would just wear an eyepatch. Then I would look like a cool pirate ;)
  • I would put different things in there gummy worms, the head off a barbie doll, stuff like that!
  • I'd go natural...get used to the imperfect world, everyone! But I wear glasses sometimes. I might go with the fake eye, just for comfort for myself and the glasses.
  • I would probably get the prosthetic me vain but I don't think I would make a good pirate :)
  • I would probably wear a glass eye!
  • Egad... probably an eyepatch. I've always wanted to be a pirate :)
  • I think i would have to wear a prosthetic eye as i wear glasses it would blend in better than wearing an eye patch.
  • I'd totally sport the eye patch. I think I'd bedazzle it, or something. Really "bling" it out. Might as well rock it out as best I can, right?
  • ARRRR!! Give me the eyepatch!
  • I prefer to wear an eyepatch. True, it looks little weird, but most guys think I look sexy and "mystic" that way :) And it is more comfortable. Prosthetic eyes look weird too, because it doesn't move regularly like other eye, so i look "cross eyed" in most situations. Also, it itch if worn for many hours.
  • I was born blind in one eye, and the eye is a little smaller and definitely a little odd-looking. I have sometimes worn a patch, and like the look. I like the look of a woman wearing a patch very much! I have considered wearing a patch all the time.
  • I wear glasses. I'd probably get a prosthetic and wear a monocle on the other eye. Then I'd dress up as Mr. Peanut for Halloween. That would be awesome!
  • I lost my right eye a year ago to choroidal melanoma. I've chosen to wear an eyepatch. I don't like the look of prosthetics or the issues involved with comfort. It's been a difficult time adjusting and getting past the self consciousness, but I am learning to adapt.
  • definitely an eye patch - although it might be difficult with glasses hmmm. I suppose I could wear a monacle... hmmmm Had a teacher in school who had a glass eye - he was, er quite aptly named "Glass Eye Pete" - I wonder who thought that one up? Anyway, he used to take his eye out in class and clean it on a handkerchief.. strange fellow
  • I want a whole collection of awesome gimmick glass eyes like the villain in Last Action Hero.
  • prosthetic or patch. Natural is too scary for some.
  • I wear a plastic eye. It looks very real. Sometimes I don't wear it for one reason or another. If I'm not at home I wear a patch if my eye isn't in, but that hardly ever happens. I think that going natural is probably less conspicuous than my patch. It looks like my eye is closed and the lid is flat- you can't really see in the socket unless I open my lid on purpose.
  • Well... I lost my left eye when I was nine. And I go natural. I wore a bandage/medical eyepatch while I was healing. About a year after the initial surgery I received my first prosthetic eye. None of the prosthetics I ever had was a perfect fit. Because they were uncomfortable to wear (a piece of plastic wedged into your eyesocket feels like a piece of plastic, wedged into your eyesocket) and because they tended to fall out when I made too sudden eye movements, I would only wear them in public. I've had surgery several times to prevent the prosthetics from falling out, but they were never succesful. When I played basketball I would cover up with a medical disposable eyepatch (brand name 'Eyecopatch'). Over the years I've started to care less and less about how I looked in public. I stopped using patches when playing sports. A few years ago my last prosthetic had gotten too old and cracked to be cleaned properly. My optician said he couldn't provide a fitting prosthetic anymore unless I had further surgery. I refuse to have further surgery. They've only botched up so far. Hence I go natural. Family, friends and even colleagues have gotten used to how I look. Friends have suggested wearing an eyepatch 'cause that would be cool', but I'd think that would attract even more attention. And I don't think either myself or eyepatches are 'cool'. I do wonder if there are any valid medical reasons why I should prefer either wearing a prosthetic or an eyepatch over going natural. I've not heard any so far. There will be negative reactions in public - people stare (which is not so bad), women will scream (getting worse), comments will be heard... 'Ew! You're disgusting! You're making me sick!' (hardest to take).
  • Eyepatch definitely. Camouflaging it looks better than an prosthetic eye. Gabrielle and Tina look hot. I am not gay, but Tom Cruise in that movie with an eyepatch still looks handsome. I cannot imagine that men would say no to women or women to men, because of an eyepatch. The're are even artists with eyepatches. My advice to anyone that has to make this choise: Turn it in an advantage. When you go out, you are the center of the attention. People want to talk to you. I myself wore an eyepatch and I am thinking about wear it again.

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